Footage from one of the UK’s premier live soul music night Soul Family at Ronnie Scotts. The footage is pretty standard but it is all about the quality on the stage… FIRST CLASS. The vocal talent on the stage is incredible as well as the band bringing it next level! You gotta love the moment that they all put their mics onto the mic stands and drop some moves whilst still getting back onto the mics on the beat!!! So good I could have listened to this all afternoon off the hook! In fact i need to listen again.

Salute Natalie Williams, Sharlene Hector, La Donna Marie & Vula!

A bit of fun and quality for Friday. My favourite vocalist in the world Vula Malinga picks up the mic with the awesome Brendon Reilly as they take on the Motown Classic “Your all I need”. The full band amplify the two vocalists brilliance (HORNS HORNS HORNS BABY!!!). And then its nice to hear them having fun with each other and the crowd.

This was filmed at one of South London’s finest venues The Hideaway that is celebrating its 5th birthday this year checkout more about them here.

Vula singing Jazz at the Hideaway South London as part of london Jazz week. Do i need to say anything more then sit back press play and enjoy the vocal masterclass this lady gives. Sublime!

The Get Lifted team came down to Streetfest to interview some of the acts that performed on the Streetfest Unsigned stage. The first video to drop from their series of features is with our Headliners DivaGeek. Ben Jones and Vula talk about the album, how they met and basically catch and give a load of jokes on camera. You can tell Lewis is a big fan too (LOVE DAT!). Even if you aren’t a fan of a DivaGeek there’s a few points in there that anyone can take from this. Look out for more interviews to come.

Get your hands on the Divageek album “He Said, She Said” here.

So happy when i got this email last night. The brilliance of DivaGeek. Pure jokes, pure quality and pure goodness from Vula and Ben who will be performing a full band headline show on our unsigned stage @ Streetfest 2014 on May 4th. Here they take one of the biggest tracks from their Album “He Said She Said” and give you a stripped down performance. tHIS IS SOOOO GOOOOOD!!! Watch through to the end for the guitar solo and “Mariah NOTE” Jokes!!!

Get your tickets for Streetfest here.

So yesterday we posted a video from Natalie Williams which now appears like it is a full series of videos from the Soul Family collective. A group of the UK finest session musicians and singers who hold a residential monthly night at Ronnie Scotts. The latest videos features uk vocal legends Vula Malinga, Sharlene Hector and LaDonna Harley-Peters aka LaSharVu! Taking on Beyonce’s party this is pretty incredible. No more words just ENJOY!!!


This is just gorgeous. Live soul music at its finest from one of the UK’s best Natalie Williams. This live performance of her classic song “Butterfly” see’s Natalie deliver a simply stunning vocal performance of poise, control and soul. Backed up by the full band and some outstanding ladies on BVs including Vula and Sharlene Hector. Of course anyone who knows me knows that when I see a 3 piece horn section playing over this kinda sound i’m gonna gush a little bit! Just gorgeous and lets not forget about the Drew Horley Rhodes that is divine!



 photo 432a6abe-b969-4ff7-b5c0-f32b26c1a8ea_zps3eb9e730.jpg

Is that how Basement Jaxx are going on though???? Sharlene Hector (Vula too) has been singing with them for time now but not only have they brought Kele Le Roc back into the fold they have also got Shakka in on the act tooo!!! The results if this visual to go by are crazy ridiculous. I have no idea what the track is called but Shakka takes lead with Kele and Sharlene accompanying him. The vocal combo is quality and its sounding like a great song too. Am sure a fully produced version is on the way which I have no doubt will see a successful return for the Basement Jaxx boys. As for Shakka the sky is clearly limit. Onwards and upwards!

 photo 1b4066b5-b53c-40ec-9b11-c3f8c230910b_zps9224c75f.jpg

Another week another Soul features visual with Divageek. My favourite track from The He Said She Said album this is just RIDICULOUS! An absolute beast of a tune the guys rock it out in stunning fashion. In my eyes they can do no wrong and if you haven’t already got your hands on the album you really need to get it in your life! Props to Soul Features for another gem!

 photo 1b4066b5-b53c-40ec-9b11-c3f8c230910b_zps9224c75f.jpg

Last year Divageek dropped one of my albums of the year “He Said She Said”. With the album still going strong they teamed up with Soul Features to head down to The Red bull Studios and film this superb live performance of the killer track Money. As always Vula and Ben bring the fire (big up Jodie killing it on bass), the end break is awesome! Vula Vula Vula that voice arrrrgggggggghhhhhhh!!!! Watch it all and enjoy!!!! Apparently there is new music on the way i just can’t wait!!! Big up Soulfeatures on the visuals!