The Are We Live crew Barney Artist, Jordan Rakei, Tom Misch and Alfamist set out on a new task to come together and record a song in 1 day and here is the first result and it is AWESOME. Everything about this is so dope. Love the keys that drive the 1st part of the song and the way they are able to switch it to allow the guitar to dominate the 2nd half of the track. They all contribute to what is a killer track… RIDIDCULOUS give it a listen and download.

Tom Misch gives us an intimate guitar performance of one of the tracks from his Revierie EP. Its nice to see him like this stripped way from the production and able to really focus on the quality soft tone of his vocals and just how good he is on the guitar. Really nice quality.

Check out the EP here.

The official video for the Tom Misch and Loyle Carner collab “Crazy Dream”. Its colourful fun and bright animations and dance moves and vibes. Definitely needed for the current state of affairs in the world. Dance and enjoy in the sunshine.

The Reviere EP is available now here.

Tom Misch drops another track from his forthcoming EP and it is another gem of a track. “I Wish” gives you peaceful relaxed guitar grooves taking you to bliss. Such a dope tune his rise continues and continues.

Pre order the Reverie E.P here

You know what it is when Tom Misch drops a tune with Loyle Carner. Your head’s gonna bop you are gonna catch a vibe and feel a little better about life with sweet guitar riffs and killer flow. Crazy Dream is just that VIBES.

Pre-order the Reverie ep out next month here.

Vibes upon vibes. The perfectly placed first single from Tom Misch’s new EP builds so nicely before his standard guitar 2 step flow kicks in. “Watch Me Dance” has some ridiculous bass lines running through the chorus as well as all that other good stuff that we have all come to love whenever listening to a Tom Misch track. A sad but sweet number and without question a dope tune.

The Ep “Reverie” will be released on July 15th pre order here.

New visuals from Barney Artist and the “Painting Sounds” project. The tune “Stay Close” featuring and produced by Tom Misch has a nice happy shuffle vibe about it and that happy element is in full effect with the sweet coming together of a couple. Nice vusuals with a small cameo from Barney and Tom!

Pick up Painting Sounds here.

Barney Artist treated us to another jam from his forthcoming project Painting Sounds. Teaming up with fell Are We Live crew member Tom Misch “Stay Close” is the standard head bopping soul inspired hip hop banger you would expect. Pure quality and vibes can’t wait for this project to drop! Out this Friday!

One of my favourite cuts from Tom Misch’s Beat Tape 2 project is this one featuring Loyle Carner “Nightgowns”. Captured by the Mahogany sessions this is to quote them a “gorgeous” acoustic live version of the track with the beauty of the guitars and double bass really compliment Loyle’s tone and flow. This is dope!

Tickets for Tom Misch’s first live headline show go on sale this Friday.

Aaaahhhhh yeah last week SBTV introduced a brand new visual concept where they put one producer in the studio to work with 4 different artists over 4 days creating not only a great mini documentary part also a 4 track EP. The producer chosen was Music is Remedy Favourite Tom Misch and thankfully the first track to surface was this delightful little soulful jam from regular Tom Misch collaborator and an artist I rate more highly with each passing day Jordan Rakei. Having come together to produce (in my opinion) the best track on Tom’s Beat Tape 2 project, it’s no surprise that this track is full of goodness.

Dope simple vibe from start to finish this is short sweet and very good. Strong beat with some nice keys warm keys and guitar licks throughout. Pretty standard stuff great quality! Bravo boys.

Do check out the visual over on SBTV if you haven’t already. It shows Tom in a different light to what you may see live, hear on record or on the Are We Live Podcast and makes me respect and like him even more. Quality!