Sophia Thakur takes to the stage with some strong words to help you look inside and question yourself and be you. Her talk is just as powerful as her poetry. Again more evidence that this young lady will only continue to grow, shine and lead with her words and performance.

Here’s a great way to start your week. Harry Baker was invited back to the TedX stage last November and once again he owns it. Providing insight and inspiration as he speaks about his own life with a mixture of passion, authenticity and comedy. Definitely something for everyone here. Enjoy.

Catch Harry Baker Live at Bang Said The Gun this Thursday. Details on our gigs page here.

I can think of few better ways to start your week then this. A poet we love Anthony Anaxagorou was given a Ted Talk platform to talk about his work with poetry and how he uses it to help change young peoples lifes in schools around the country. By showing them that poetry isn’t just middle class, white, Shakespeare and “dafodills” he opens their minds to new possibilities and mindsets. Its fascinating stuff and one of the reasons I’ll always encourage more spoken word and poetry at our events and on this site. Used in the right way it’s power is immense and can change lives and lord knows some kids out there wouldn’t hurt from having other lyricsts to look up to then just the ones they are fed.

Checkout Anthony’s latest poetry EP here

Recently one of our favourite poets Deanna Rodger was invited to speak at the Ted X Southark. She used the platform talk about working with young people and a love of writing encouraging all with something to say to pick up a pen and get some paper. She leads into a piece on a poetry which i’m sure if you listen hard enough will reveal aspects of our culture that really need to change.
As always with Deanna she draws you in with her passion and performance that causes you to do nothing else but listen and take it in. Watch listen and spread her message.

Earlier in the year the superb poet Indigo Williams was invited to the Ted X Talk in her hometown Brixton. She used the platform to deliver two of her finest poems that both deal with various stereotypes and how they are used in every day life. As always with Indigo the delivery is flawless and touches all the nerves in the audience that it should do. I’m sure many walked away from the room with views on some of those stereotypes that they may use themselves slightly altered (i know i have). Powerful stuff. Listen enjoy and find out more about this woman’s work here.

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One of the most powerful poets I’ve had the pleasure of booking for a Music is Remedy Event Jodi Ann Bickley was recently invited to give a Ted Talk in her home town Birmingham. She was invited to talk about her fantastic 1 million letter project that has brought joy to many people all around the well. It is given her own personal trials massively inspiring and a story that you must hear about and spread as I’m sire there is at least one person in your world who can benefit from what this remarkable young lady has done.
Watch, Listen, Share and be Inspired!

Thankyou Jodi