The second part of Kano’s extraordinary 1Xtra Live Lounge performance. The Sam Beste Keys dominate the sound giving it an a musical authenticity or seal of approval perhaps. Kano owns the space with his performance, showing his ability as a performer to adapt to tracks with different feels and styles but still deliver a commanding performance. The Cameo from Tawiah almost steals the show. Her vocal is just stunning!!! But it’s all about Kano superb.

Yes peoples it is one month until the May bank Holiday weekend and once again Music is Remedy are proud to host the Unsigned London stage. Over the past 4 years we have had a diverse range of acts with the likes of Hollie McNish, Mikall Pane, Shakka, Dionne Reid, Tawiah, James Massiah and DivaGeek all joining us and giving incredible performances. This Year we have once again pulled together an incredible range of acts that do represent what it is Music is Remedy is all about good music.

Headlining this year will be one of the most hyped talked about collectives around at Present. The Mighty ORPH Gang will be closing the stage with 50 minute set of hype, quality and brilliance that if we had a roof would have been blazed alight! Also on the day there will be performances from Julie Iwheta, Cara Winter, Kai Jones, Ruinz Ason to name a few.

The full line up is below and as well as all that there will be all the other goodness associated with Streetfest from BMX and Skateboard displays to dance crews to amazing food and DJs. It will not be one to be missed. Tickets are available NOW HERE get your hands on them and come join us!

For more info contact

Unexpected Guests
Bre Musiq
Triple O
Julie Iwheta
Sean Colwill
Lars Koehoorn
Kemi Aneke
Cara Winter
Kai Jones
Charlotte Brimner
Ruinz Ason
Orph Gang

Sunday May 3rd Streetfest returns and once again Music is Remedy will be hosting the Streetfest Unsigned stage showcasing the best Unsigned music from around the country! In previous years we have had the likes of DivaGeek, Shakka, Mikall Pane, James Massiah, Hollie McNish, Dean Atta, Dionne Reid, Tawiah and many more quality acts and you can join the list this year!

For 1 month we will be accepting entries to perform on the Unsigned stage. Simply send us your links and a short intro as to why you think you should be on that stage to we will then shortlist the top 12 acts to face off over two heats at the Juno Bar where an industry panel will pick the best two acts to proceed to perform at Streetfest!

Its that simple. For more information please email the address above and get involved! Heres some clips of the streetfest heats and last years Streetfest!

Photo by Owen Davies

“One of Many” was without question one of my favourite album’s of 2013. Eric Lau along with a group of his favourite gifted musicians and vocalists produced a wonderful body of work that was what i would call Hip Hop Soul at it’s finest. Now the DJ and Producer in Eric has decided to release a pure instrumental limited edition golden vinyl version of the album. Now you may raise an eyebrow when faced with the notion of listening to tracks that owe much of its aural pleasure to the vocals of Tawiah, Fatima and particularly Rahel amongst others. However as a testament to the brilliance of the mans music it works and “Here” is a perfect example of that. With the vocals gone you get to focus on the way the track explodes into the groove at the top and all of the subtle flute rifts that float in and out of the track and don’t get me started on that bass! I am sure many will use the instrumentals to cut samples and create their own goodness from it however the musical connoisseur that i am i will enjoy it in all its glory.

The Limited edition vinyl is available here. Get em before they’re gone.

My words will never do this video justice. Tawiah delivers once again! Enjoy.

Props to OntSofa for capturing this magic.

Footage taken from Tawiah’s performance at Quality Control a couple of months back. Mesmeric is one way of describing it. She shows complete mastery over the loop pedal helping to add layers to the track for live performance. This again is also another display of her stunning songwriting ability. She is just so good! Very much QUALITY!

Props to the Quality Control Team for pulling this together.

This is a work of beauty and love. Tawiah and Eric Lau coming together to make music has been happening for many years now but this is the first time the two have put a joint project out together and it leaves you scratching your head wondering why we have had to wait so long for it. It is a very mellow affair as the production allows plenty of space for Tawiah’s superb vocals and sometimes overlooked songwriting ability to take centre stage. My favourite track is still the single “Favourite Thing” maybe because it’s the most uptempo number on here I just love the groove of it. The EP though is full of quality and as said at the top a thing of beauty get involved!

You can purchase the EP here.

Always a beautiful thing when these two get together on a record. Eric Lau and Tawiah combine once again for a new joint EP “Love Call” that is due to drop next week. This the first single has Lau’s signature beat and drive and soulful keys whilst Tawiah’s supreme songwriting ability once again shines through. Kaidi Tatham sprinkles some of his fairy dust over the record to make it even sweeter. Dope tune bring on the EP!

Last month More Music Less Noise returned to the live scene with a night rammed full of quality performances. The place was jam packed, the vibe was great and there were some superb performances including this one from the incredible Tawiah. On many an occasion here i’ve expressed my love of all things this woman does and this is no different. This is a mesmerising and enchanting performance that has the crowd gripped and the way the 7 minutes tick over without you realising it is a testament to her quality. Superb!

Find out more about More Music Less Noise here.

I’ve been waiting 3 months for this. Last December in St Johns Cathedral Hackney accompanied by string section, The Sound:check choir and pianist extrodinare Sam Beste, Tawiah delivered another INCREDIBLE performance that once again showed how she is just leaps and bounds ahead of any and every artists currently singing. As a vocalist, as a performer, as a writer there is not one area she lacks in a complete artist and master of her craft. My words just can not do this justice bask in all this glory.

Props to the superb Sound:Check ladies for making this performance a reality checkout their channel for more goodness here.

Image Robin Pope