It’s been far too long since i’ve seen the awesomeness that is Bridget Minamore perform and this video is a perfect example of the brilliance she delivers when she is on the mic. A perfect mixture of humour and realness. Love it!

Props to the A & E team hosting amazing nights south of the river more details here.

Another great video/performance captured at James Massiah’s Spaeking event. This one features the brilliant Sean Mahoney dropping a short piece that’ll make you chuckle as he plays with words and rhymes.

If you love spoken word do connect with James Massiah to find out about his events pure quality on show always.

This is another one of those posts where my words can not do justice to the content you just need to watch and listen.

I’ve been a massive fan of Zia Ahmed since first working with him back in 2012. He has a unique, funny and wonderful way with words and flow as is displayed perfectly here in this piece that sums up life pretty well. Clear 15 minutes in your day to watch and take this all in!

Footage was captured of Zia performing at James Massiah’s monthly Spaeking event. The next one is December 7th more details here.