The Soul Features team have done it again capturing another slice of acoustic soul gold! Bringing together two of the best guitar wielding vocalists around Jake Isaac and JP Cooper for a beautiful striped down recording of Jakes’ track “Carry You Home”. I don’t really need to say to much other than this is just divine! Pure quality from two artists who let their music do the talking for them and scoop up the acclaim that naturally comes with it!

Jake Isaac launches his new Warchild EP which this track is taken from on June 17th. Get your tickets here.

Another beautifully shot visual from the SoulFeatures team. they link up with a subject they have featured before and Music is Remedy favourite the brilliant Jake Isaac. This is a soft and soothing rendition of his original song Cold Stone Heart. Lovely stuff.

If you haven’t already check it out on his latest EP here.

This is just lovely. Brummie songstress Affie Jam takes Emelie Sande’s massive “Heaven” and reworks it into an acoustic masterpiece of her own. There really are some lovely moments in here the way she plucks the guitar strings and her chord choices are inspired. It’s so easy when performing a cover to just replicate it like for like but it is always better if you can do something like this where as i said above make it your own. Job very well done.

Soul Features as always bringing the quality on their videos SALUTE!

Over the last couple of years the Soul Features team have consistently delivered quality videos of soulful artists and their first of 2014 is no different. featuring Nottingham based duo Noah this is a gorgeous song with some beautiful harmonies combined with subtle acoustic guitar strumming. Lovely stuff.

More of the same please guys. Checkout more from Soulfeatures here.

Another quality feature from the Soul Features team. This time they took their cameras down to Jake Isaac’s EP launch at the end of the last month. You get a glimpse and a taste of Jake’s fantastic stage show and presence whilst they also sit him down and get his thoughts on the EP and what he hopes people take from it.
Props to Soul Features for once again showcasing quality UK artists and make sure you keep your eye on this guy i have feeling the next 12 months will be massive for Jake.

The Ep is released October 27th but you can pre-order here.

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Another week another Soul features visual with Divageek. My favourite track from The He Said She Said album this is just RIDICULOUS! An absolute beast of a tune the guys rock it out in stunning fashion. In my eyes they can do no wrong and if you haven’t already got your hands on the album you really need to get it in your life! Props to Soul Features for another gem!

 photo 1b4066b5-b53c-40ec-9b11-c3f8c230910b_zps9224c75f.jpg

Last year Divageek dropped one of my albums of the year “He Said She Said”. With the album still going strong they teamed up with Soul Features to head down to The Red bull Studios and film this superb live performance of the killer track Money. As always Vula and Ben bring the fire (big up Jodie killing it on bass), the end break is awesome! Vula Vula Vula that voice arrrrgggggggghhhhhhh!!!! Watch it all and enjoy!!!! Apparently there is new music on the way i just can’t wait!!! Big up Soulfeatures on the visuals!

The Soul features team caught up with lady of the moment Lianne La Havas and had a chat with her about her music and her steady rise and evolution into a successful artist. There is also some footage of her performance in Birmingham. Loving her openess and honesty regardless of her vocal ability i don’t think you can’t not like her looks like she will be getting the chance to bring her music to the masses and i can’t wait to see it happen.

The Soul Features team caught up with Wilson for a performance of a track from his forthcoming EP “Painted on Silence”. As always Wilson is sounding smooth and seductive. Tickets are available here for his EP launch this Sunday gonna be pretty special make sure you are there.

The guys @ Soul Features recently caught up with rising soul star Kaleem Taylor when he performed at Vocals and Verses @ Proud. He talks a little bit about himself how he started and what the futures and there’s some footage of the performance. This guy does have a really nice tone to his vocal perhaps a little reminiscent of Omar. Definitely one to watch out for.