This one has always been one of Sophia Thakur’s stronger pieces and now it has been captured quite beautifully in visual form. I love the colours and the many smiles shown throughout. You can’t help but smile watching it and then as you take in the lyrics there is so much food for thought here.
Sophia is without question an artist with limitless potential to make an impact on the world here’s hoping she continues to do so.

Sophia Thakur takes to the stage with some strong words to help you look inside and question yourself and be you. Her talk is just as powerful as her poetry. Again more evidence that this young lady will only continue to grow, shine and lead with her words and performance.

One of tbe best videos from an unsigned artist that I have seen. I say in terms if the effort gone to recreate a scene from a 70s soul show that fits perfectly with the vibe of the tune. Intalekt has set a very high standard with this project and this video has just taken it even higher. Superb stuff.

A first piece in 2016 from Sophia Thakur and it is once again another work of art formed formed from her own observations of life. It’s a piece she put together to raise awareness around mental health and the rising rate of student suicide. For me the message contained is to do as the title of the poem says “Save Yourself” someone else can’t do it for you. Powerful. Superb first piece for the new year.

This tune right here though. That simple clear straight beat gets your head going right from the get go which the rest of the mellow production is built around. Intalekt stepping from behind the production boards and onto the mic is the other dominant force on the track completing it’s mellow feel and interacting so nicely with Ella Frank on the hook. It really does just feel comfortable. Theres some nice synth and guitar work in there and also a dope break in the second verse and at the end. Quality!

The tune is taken from Intalekt’s “It Is What It Is” project which from start to finish is a real dope piece of British Hip Hop Soul with additional features from Music is Remedy Favourites Kojey Radical, Jay Prince and Sophia Thakur. If you are feeling this one you won’t be disappointed go get your ears around it!

This really is a stunning body of work from Sophia Thakur. Despite it being only 3 pieces it is takes you on quite the emotional journey. The way her words and flow combine effortlessly with the production aid in the effectiveness of each piece. It feels so real and authentic. I guess thats just why it feels like its coming straight from the heart and like many a great before her straight from her own life experiences. It’s honest.

Truly superb piece of work, her star continues to shine brighter and brighter.

Music is Remedy favourite Sophia Thakur talks about her forthcoming project The Silver Linings 3P, her relationship with the art form and without doubt builds some anticipation to its imminent release. Looking forward to wrapping my ears around it!

My gosh the power of words. Sophia Thakur has delivered on many an occasion in the past with her trademark flow, words and emotive performance style but this is next level. She takes on such a serious subject mater and delivers a precise and excellent piece that cuts right to the heart of the topic with a quiet yet loud roar.

This is further evidence of Sophia’s supreme talent and ability. There is so much more to come there can be no doubt of that.

Sophia Thakur drops her first video of the year and as to be expected it is full of emotion, power and quality. Addressing issues, thoughts and her own experiences of race, culture and ethnicity in Britain this is a powerful piece full of verses that you’ll most likely be able to relate to and perhaps raise an eyebrow whilst listening. This was filmed at the 4i Soulrich launch and once again show just how good she is on stage and working the crowd. The few crowd shots you see she clearly has them in the palm of her hand everyone focused on her every word. This is another sign of her quality and it appears that in 2015 she’ll only be soaring to greater heights.

An honest and heartfelt piece about… well… just that honesty and communication in a relationship. Sophia Thakur once again mesmerises you with her words, flow and performance delivering a piece that people can relate to. definitely some wise words in there be sure to listen again and again to pick everything up. Also the guitar is a nice addition to… sign of things to come from Sophia perhaps? Regardless the quality is there for all to see and her star will only continue to shine brighter!