The state of UK soul music right about now is just RIDICULOUS and here is another incredible example as Samm Henshaw rocked up in the extra Live Lounge with his band and delivered a phenomenal performance of his most recent track “Our Love”. The groove is off the hook love when that baseline drops in and his voice is just another level. This is superb!

Another gem from the soul sensation that is Samm Henshaw. Once again he blends a gritty old soul sound with gospel flavourings and it works so well. Quality quality music. If he is on any festival line up you are attending be sure to check him out!

This guy keeps looking and sounding more and more like a superstar. Simple visuals of Samm Henshaw in his element surrounded by his band singing his song with amazing energy.

Heard this on my way home on Radio X no less and couldn’t not have a big grin on my face! Samm Henshaw fresh from touring with James Bay and steadily building that fan base drops some new material and it is an old soul jam that i dare you not to tap your foot too (you won’t be able to resist). There is some energy from the beat to the guitars to the vocals (BVs included). Monster of a track love the inroads that this man is making with his music and sound. Superb!

New music or should I say new cover from one of the big success stories of 2015 Samm Henshaw. Not going to lie i was surprised when I heard him sing those first lines and I recognised the classic he had chosen to take on. By no means is the 80s hit from Steve Winwood “Higher Love” a bad choice it is unexpected and inspired. Samm’s voice gives the track a mellow yet controlled urgency and spirit that the original contains. It doesn’t build up till right at the end but he definitely gets the message across. As always quality!

This track has been taken down from sound cloud after posting so you’ll just have to take my word for it… it was GOOOOD

Posted the live video last week now we have the finished video for Samm Henshaw’s Autonomy. Strolling around the streets of East London the visuals are pretty to the point and of a good quality. It’s really all about the quality of the song and his vocals, this guy really is incredible and getting all the plaudits he deserves right now.

This guy is really really good. More evidence that we could be looking at the future of UK Soul in Samm Henshaw with this live session of his track Autonomy. It’s not my favourite track off of his EP but the vocal quality he demonstrates here is incredible. There is a ruggedness here of a man who has had decades of trials and tribulations and not the fresh face 21 year old on the mic!

He tours the UK next month tickets available here.

I can’t say this enough this guy is the truth and dare I say it the future of soul music in this country. Samm Henshaw drops a subtly brilliant and beautiful video for the single “Better”. The visuals do wonderful justice to the track and I am so happy to see that his team are looking after him and are getting it RIGHT (makes a lovely change doesn’t it)! Enjoy enjoy enjoy!

Mate Samm Henshaw keeps bringing that REAL ish! Awesome vocals, chord choices, production the harmonies simply divine music that if i’m completely honest is of a standard that hasn’t EVER been achieved this side of the atlantic. Sublime stuff let the music do the talking. So Good.

Samm Henshaw is beginning a rise to greatness right about now. “Redemption” is a taster of what to expect from his debut EP “The Sound Experiment”. A wonderful blend of Country, Folk, Gospel and Soul this song is full of emotion, passion and goodness. The vocals throughout are just phenomenal. Tune is simply stunning and courtesy of ID free to Download. Get your hands on it now.