Not too many people can be happy putting out a song that was recorded on a phone by the roadside flaws and all, Sabira Jade can though. No doubt she will drop a more polished version at some point but I love the pureness of this. Absolutely gorgeous enjoy.

Sabira Jade drops her second single and once again it is a slice of futuristic alt soul. This one is a little more upbeat then her previous number “I Harbour” with some mean (in a screw up your face good way) synths running throughout whilst the beat has you bopping your head in a slight off beat fashion. Her voice as always sounds sweet and angelic floating over the beats.

Awesome. See her live at Remedy May 5th tickets available here.

A wonderfully intimate, peaceful piece of songwriting from Sabria Jade. She has been teasing us for some time with different snippets of tracks but this is her first official release. Full of soul there’s something special about this that you can’t quite put your finger on. The description on her band camp of “An ethereal and soulful voice creating moments of beauty and songs full of poetry and magic” fits quite perfectly. £1 very well spent purchase and enjoy under a full moon.

Live or recorded… decisions decisions. Sabira Jade this weekend dropped two versions of her new track the epic “Young Man”. Both versions showcase her stunning voice and sound superb but if you know me you know its all about live and so below is the live version with a full band recorded for 1Xtra’s MistaJam. This is ridiculously good with Sabira sounding just divine over the band. The live drums give the live version a little more life and drama although its a shame that you miss out on some quality harmonies that can be found on the recorded version.

Wonderful song, voice and performance. Superb.

A slice of gorgeousness from Sabira Jade. She dropped this little acoustic number over the weekend. Her vocal has a subtle beauty about it almost floating angelically over the acoustic guitar. Short sweet and all kinds of wonderful.

How about some niceness to start your Tuesday? Sabira Jade dropped this little re-edit of a Janet Jackson track (couldn’t tell you which one). The airy production backs her vocal sound perfectly sounding almost angelic (even more so with her BV lines). If you’re having a stressful day sit down and enjoy this it’ll make everything better!