Yes peoples it is one month until the May bank Holiday weekend and once again Music is Remedy are proud to host the Unsigned London stage. Over the past 4 years we have had a diverse range of acts with the likes of Hollie McNish, Mikall Pane, Shakka, Dionne Reid, Tawiah, James Massiah and DivaGeek all joining us and giving incredible performances. This Year we have once again pulled together an incredible range of acts that do represent what it is Music is Remedy is all about good music.

Headlining this year will be one of the most hyped talked about collectives around at Present. The Mighty ORPH Gang will be closing the stage with 50 minute set of hype, quality and brilliance that if we had a roof would have been blazed alight! Also on the day there will be performances from Julie Iwheta, Cara Winter, Kai Jones, Ruinz Ason to name a few.

The full line up is below and as well as all that there will be all the other goodness associated with Streetfest from BMX and Skateboard displays to dance crews to amazing food and DJs. It will not be one to be missed. Tickets are available NOW HERE get your hands on them and come join us!

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Unexpected Guests
Bre Musiq
Triple O
Julie Iwheta
Sean Colwill
Lars Koehoorn
Kemi Aneke
Cara Winter
Kai Jones
Charlotte Brimner
Ruinz Ason
Orph Gang

This is a bit of a mad one but nonetheless ILL. Ruinz Ason’s latest track sees him going back and forth with an Alien with an interesting outlook on human life. Its reminiscent of early Marshal Mathers and The Streets tracks making you smile but when you get into the lyrics its also quite thought provoking! The beat from J Flames is also pretty insane! Shades of early Timbo here without doubt.
All in all a ridiculously FRESH track, get into it!

Possibly one of the best videos i have seen in sometime. Well shot great use of effects and the dope concept behind it all. In the backdrop bringing it altogether is a strong track from Ruinz Ason. The production is quality with a strong catchy chorus. Its not perfect but there are plenty of reasons that if he isn’t already Ruinz Ason should be on your radar.

Video highlights from Streetfest Unsigned Stage that Music is Remedy hosted for the day. It was a beautiful day in Hackney with the Olympic stadium looking on there were some brilliant performances in the sunshine with people rocking, dancing, cheering and enjoying the show. There were too many standout moments to list them all but DivaGeek closed the stage with a ridiculously awesome set as the sun went down over the east London.

Big thanks to a all who were involved on the day bring on 2015