Aaahhhh yeah a coming together of musical goodness. Hugh who were busy creating wave after wave after wave last year with their debut release have teamed up with one of my favourite artists of last year Royce Wood Junior for the remix of “Direction” Some ridiculous bass line grooves chord choices and amazing harmony vocal lines make this tune a fresh British Soul banger. To be honest it has RWJ all over it from the funny break in beats and those vocal lines. This is dope!!!

Available this Friday.

What a VIBE. A killer combination of two of Music is Remedy’s favourite peoples Jodie Abacus and Royce Wood Junior combine perfectly for this monster of dirty electro funk soul vibes. I love the way it is driven by at its root by the keys that is at the same time wonderfully manipulated by synths to give it a quirky electro feel. The Bass is pretty ridiculous too! Awesome combo free to download now.

The Jodie Abacus EP is available to buy here now go get that goodness in your life!

On Friday Royce Wood Junior releases a deluxe version of his debut Ashen Tag album featuring some bonus cuts including this one “Love’s A Lonely Town”. Its another epic soul fueled 70s rock number filled with quirky synth sounds and some awesome bvs and ad libs. Once again he shows off his songwriting skills and gives you more reason to if you haven’t already pre-order the album now here.

Catch RWJ live at Oslo in Hackney on the 10th tickets available here.

The tune “Midnight” from Royce Wood Junior was ill anyway this video just made it even better. I’ll let the visuals do the talking for itself but do watch all 6 minutes of it’s funny, original and to be frank quite brilliant.

If you haven’t already get into one of the albums of last year “The Ashen Tag”

Royce Wood Junior gives us a live session of one of the killer cuts from his “Ashen Tag” album “Honeydripper”. You can feel the dirty funk of the song through all of the players and their instruments with Royce giving a stellar performance on vocals and guitar. Awesome.

If you haven’t already check out the album now.

More Jamie Woon? When it’s as gorgeous as this why not. Showcasing one of the more beautifully mellow cuts from the album this is superb with a nice cameo from Royce Wood Junior.

If you haven’t already get the album now.

This is a work of art. Alfa Mist takes one of the standout tracks from Royce Wood Junior’s album takes his trademark keys led arrangement production style and turns it into a plush soulful number. Bloody awesome! So dope!

The coming together of two Music is Remedy Favourites Jodie Abacus drops a new tune produced by the brilliant Royce Wood Junior. It is a Funk Soul 70′s Brit Rock quirky head bopper that you appreciate more and more with each listen. The type of collab that doesn’t happen enough love it!
The rise of Jodie Abacus continues!

Got to be of a certain age to truly appreciate this video with Royce Wood Junior bringing the incredible “Clanky Love” to life with a new spin on the lyric video paying homage to the wonder that was teletext. Simply awesome tune!!!

Ok so the sun is supposed to be coming back out to play this week so there is no better time to post this piece of genius from Royce Wood Junior. This is pure sunshine music feel good music. Such a great happy vibe runs through it some awesome vocals and harmonies throughout, awesome keys led progressions and a quite epic outro. I beg you to find something to not like about this such a tune. Love it.

Taken from his forthcoming Ashen Tang album pre order to receive this track immediately here.