This is quite simply stunning. Roxanne Tataei arguably one of the greatest vocalists this nation has produced in recent years (and that is no understatement) dons the guitar and is captured taking on the classic from another british wonder vocalist Kate Bush. Roxanne’s vocal is so clear, sharp and defined that so few can touch its brilliance. This is pretty glorious. Superb cover!

Photo credit David Richardson

Roxanne Tataei formerly known as Rox continues her return and build up to her new EP which is out now with an awesome vocal performance on this live version of the track “Sweet Poison”. The grand piano sounds divine and I like that it is the pianist who is also triggering sounds that ensures that this is not just a soulful piano ballad, keeping in line with her new sound. Its shot and directed really well, showing Roxanne in the studio and car, capturing her naturally as well as behind the microphone. Her vocal quality as always is second to none and the real standout of the video. One of the UK’s best great to have her back making new music.

One of my favourite UK vocalists dropped this little gorgeous cover of a Blur track. Rox keeps this very simple and that is all that is needed to be fair. Her voice stunning as always accompanied by her gentle strumming of the guitar creates a beautiful composition for the ears. I do hope we are able to hear new material from her sometime soon. One of the UKs finest.

One of my favourite vocalists from these shores Rox delivers another masterclass in vocal brilliance. Now based in Berlin here is an acoustic version of her new single Kryptonite Recorded at RedBull Studios in London the musical accompaniment is pretty sparse with some soft keys synths and electro beats allowing to focus fully on her voice. Awesomeness!!! You can download this version for free. The full version is available here.

Very much hoping an album will follow sometime in the new year.

The gorgeous Rox drops her 2nd A64 to coincide with the launch of her new single and probably my favourite track off of the album Rocksteady

My DAYS what a vocalist!!! She sounds fantastic, really is in a league of her own such a flawless vocal. Funny how even though its just a guitar, cahon and vocal you still get the feel of being in a dancehall rave whining up with that someone special… or just someone before you move on to the next!

Song is out NOW download now or go get yourself the album you won’t be disappointed girl is FYA!!!

Rox Rocksteady

I think i’m gonna start up a new weekly post dedicated to my favourite A64 of the week! This guy is going hard with so many new vids each week dude is an inspiration!!! This week its all about Rox

This lady is such a pro. Undeniable quality from start to finish, so much power in her vocal she makes it look so easy! Loving the facial expressions too she puts character into the song and performance. Sher really is blossoming into quite the recording star! Can’t wait for the album to drop!!!

Was bowling down Bromley High Street this week. It was a sunny afternoon with blue skies a cool breeze and plenty of people with smiling faces. As i strolled along a song came blaring out of the speakers of a radio on a fruit and Veg stall. The song seemed to sum up the mood in the air… spring is here and everyone is feeling good. I felt even better when i realised it was our own very own Rox’s debut single My Baby Left Me!

She is proving to be a great ambassador for the UK Soul scene and her success is only good for the scene in general as it shows that with hard work, the right package and quality you can make it in this country! Such a great tune from an artist who everyday is looking more and more like the star she is destined to become. The single is out this week so click on the link and download a great tune, can’t wait for the album!!!