Given that she has only recently taking to performing with a guitar this is quite an impressive competent performance from Iman on her track Naive for The Reload Sessions. She definitely has her grind on and is gaining more and more exposure with every release.

I’m not the biggest fan of the tune but I can’t find fault in this vocal and performance. Her superbly polished display of Vocal ability from Liz Lubega sounding absolutely gorgeous alongside the piano on this Jack Garratt cover. Brilliant!

Its this lady again. I’m struggling not to post everything that this lady drops because her voice is THAT good. I struggle to find any kind of flaw in it. So polished and she still manages to have some of her own character in there. Hoping that everyone is getting to know about Phebe Edwards and her voice starts getting the attention it deserves! Be sure to listen through to the end of the video and take in the full glory of her vocal!

Big up Reload sessions as always.

Aaaahhhh yeah Iman takes on the recent Rhianna tune for Reload Sessions and does a cracking job. Backed by a guitarist and percussionist Iman sounds flawless and quite superb. I’m not the biggest fan of the original but I gotta say this is real good!

YES MI’DAS YES!!!! Taking on Lianne La Hava’s massive “Its What You Don’t Do” for a Reload Session and he completely owns! Using his loop pedal and guitar to perfection building a superb platform for his voice to just shine on the track. Simply gorgeous. He owns this tune makes it completely his own. Brilliance!


I know very little about this lady but this is lovely. Sylvia Mwenze graces the Reload Sessions cameras with this original and keeps it very simple showcasing her gorgeous voice with stripped down accompaniment. Nice tune nice vocal job well done.

Kudos to the Reload Sessions providing quality as always.

So taking on an immense track by one of the UK’s current finest vocal talents Kwabs is no mean feat. However Sophia Amato takes it on and does a wonderful job and near enough makes it her own. By stripping the track right down to its bare bones she shows the real beauty of the song and enhances it through a superb vocal job. The BVs do without question add to the performance and to be fair the boys add the icing on the cake to what is a job very well done.

As always massive props to the Reload Sessions team for another quality video.

aaaahhhh this is so good. So good that all i should need to say really is Reload Sessions + Rukhsana Merrise = pure brilliance! Watch it and enjoy!!!

Its always nice when you get a Reload session that isn’t a cover and even better when it features an artist i respect and love, putting in a killer performance. Iman is sounding as good as she has ever done. The verses sound fantastic with some really nice chord choices and all round great playing on the acoustic guitar. Its actually a shame when the cahon comes in as it is a little overpowering and the performance might not have needed it. As mentioned above Iman is sounding great. Hope we get a full project from this lady at some point soon.

Kyra takes on the latest Jessie J smash and does a real good job of it for the Reload Session cameras. Her vocal is full of attitude, soul, funk and when required power! The grit of the guitar playing gives it this extra raw blues dimension and Kyra happily takes all there. Awesome performance!