Its this lady again. I’m struggling not to post everything that this lady drops because her voice is THAT good. I struggle to find any kind of flaw in it. So polished and she still manages to have some of her own character in there. Hoping that everyone is getting to know about Phebe Edwards and her voice starts getting the attention it deserves! Be sure to listen through to the end of the video and take in the full glory of her vocal!

Big up Reload sessions as always.

Another sensational display of vocal brilliance from Phebe Edwards. Seriously staking a strong claim to being dare I say it the finest British female vocalist currently around this is superb getting better and better with every bar. There is a chord change in there helps to heighten the emotions on the track and you could even suggest that perhaps it is a little underproduced not completely capturing the full emotion of the track. However that is harsh and in actual fact the stripped production really lets the vocal just shine.

Simply superb!

This is too good to ignore. A near flawless vocal performance from Phebe Edwards who with more performances like this really will establish herself as one of the finest vocalist currently on the UK scene. I’m struggling to think of a more polished sharp vocal performance like this that is reminiscent of many of the American great artists including Mariah and Whitney. Beautiful and quite awesome.

A slice of soulful RnB from Phebe Edwards with “Inside Of You”. Having spent years supporting some of the biggest stars in the game including Jessie J, Leona Lewis and Rita Ora she steps into the spotlight showing what a pretty impressive vocal she has been hiding away supporting the stars. Its a strong piece of songwriting and production leaving me very little to gripe about. Promises a lot for her future movements.