Caught this guy for the first time at Outspoken last week and was blown away by his charisma, wordplay, jokes and of course poetry which this video displays perfectly. Ben Norris is a poet from Nottingham adjusting to life in the wonderful LDN this is a take on that. He is dropping a poem a week so do subscribe to the channel if you enjoy this then catch him live you’ll be entertained.

The guys have another amazing line up of live music and poetry at this month’s Outspoken. Features from Music is Remedy favourites Adam Kammerling and Chimene Suleyman are worth the entry fee alone. As usual the Anthony Anaxagorou, The Ruby Kid and Karim Kamar will all be on hand to oversee proceedings. A great night in store!

The Forge, 3-7 Delancey Street, Camden, NW1 7NL, London,
£10 online here £12 on the door

Outspoken boys are back at The Forge in Camden to kick off the 2015 with another evening of high quality spoken word, poetry and live music. Led by the skilled wordsmiths The Ruby Kid and Anthony Anaxagorou along with the composer and multi-media pro Karim Kamar Outspoken has established a reputation as one of the finest events on London’s live Music circuit. Expect immense performances and wonderful company in the heart of North London.

The Forge, 3-7 Delancey Street, Camden, NW1 7N
£10 in advance £12 on the door

A regular fixture in the posts and gig listings now The Outspoken team had another fantastic show last month below are the highlights. Look out for Music is Remedy Favourite Musa Okwonga. Great to see him on the mic again one of my favourite poets and peoples!

Outspoken is back this month click here for tickets.

Highlights from the most recent Outspoken event. As always the calibre of their line ups are second to none and full of quality. Snipets here of Jasmine Cooray, Chris Redmond and one of our favourites Hollie McNish show you just what to expect at an Outspoken event. Enjoy and make sure you get down to the next event details here.

Props to The Ruby Kid, Anthony Anaxagorou and Karim Kamar

As much as I loved Jermain Jackman on the voice I thought ist was a small travesty that this girl did not win. Easily the best vocal talent to come out of a reality show since Leona Lewis Christina Marie has a naturally brilliant vocal and to say that she is as Mariah Carey in her mid 90s heyday is no overstatement. The On’t Sofa team capture this perfectly as she belts out this cover. I love her voice and i hope someone gets her on the bigger stage it deserves to be on.

Catch her live this Thursday at Outspoken get your tickets here.

Once again Anthony Anaxagorou drops some realness finding words to speak about the harsh realities of social media and the pressures it places on people. Makesure you give it a good listen more then once you’ll find a new gem of brilliance that you missed the first time you heard it.

Pure Quality

Catch Anthony alongside The Ruby Kid and Karim Kamar at their Outspoken event this Thursday. Tickets here

Highlights from another ram packed quality Outspoken Night. The team behind the night The Ruby Kid, Karim Kamar and Anthony anaxagorou can do no wrong and to be fair when there is a consistent high standard and eclectic mix of performers why would they. Here are some snippets of Music is Remedy Favourites Rhythm of Men and Sabrina Mafhouz as well as the awesome Josh Osho. Get to know about one of the events fast emerging as one of the strongest nights on the circuit.

Tickets for the may night are on sale here.

The Outspoken team celebrated their 2nd birthday last week with another incredible line up of quality spoken word and live music. You can catch snippets here of the genius of Zia Ahmed, Tshakka Campbell and Belinda Zawhi and much more goodness plus TY rocking the crowd as only he can.

Big salute must go out to the Outspoken team The Ruby Kid, Anthony Anaxagorou and Karim Kamar who consistently put on an amazing show with so much quality on display and great crowd too. One of the best nights on the circuit if you’ve never been make sure you check them out.

Outspoken @ The Forge Tue Mar 11th

The Outspoken boys prepare for their second birthday and as usual they have another fantastic night in store to celebrate. Performances from two of Spoken Words finest Zia Ahmed and Belinda Zhawi and Hip Hop legend Ty to name a few. These nights get BUSY so be sure to get your hands on tickets in advance here and get there nice and early! A great night awaits!

The Forge, 3-7 Delancey Street, Camden, NW1 7NL
£9 in advance £12 on the door