Love the concept of this tune. They make it pretty clear from the sample of what the song is about from the start and the visuals and lyric combine perfectly to tell the story. Olivia Louise who I’ve been posting for a little while now is sounding at her best here and compliments the mellow beats provided by Question. Jords drops in with some bars that again fit in perfectly with track.

All in all a really well polished piece of work bodes well for the forthcoming EP “Earth Stuff” due to drop at the end of the month.

This tune is an atmospheric vibe! Kinda tune that makes you feel like your floating in the clouds or probably more aptly floating on the ocean waves. There’s some really nice vocal layers from Olivia Louise here and Gautier’s clever use of the synth bass and beats to break down and build up the track. A great slice of Alt Soul RnB. Quality.

Captured at a recent I Luv Live someone who has been featured on this website quite a few times Olivia Louise performs an acoustic version of her track Skin Deep. Really enjoyed vibe all the guys on stage give. They give the tune a good work out and look like they are really enjoying which makes the performance all the better (especially my man on acoustic bass dope). As always Olivia’s laid back voice sounds subtly sweet and on point.

Props to the peeps at I Luv Live for providing the stage.

This lady continues to grow on me. Last week Oliva Louise teamed up with SBTV to release her new video for the cool slick and mellow track “Skin Deep”. Its floaty guitar riff sets it up nicely for Olivia’s laid back voice and vocal style to take the lead and be the full focus of the tune. Video is very well shot on the streets of Paris with a good ending (well not for the guy anyway).

More of the same please!

I do like this young lady’s voice and vibe. Olivia Louise has the vocal covered in a cool easy charisma that puts you at ease and gets your head bopping. Despite the softness of her voice it comes through well without a mic and works nicely with the guitar. Sure she is on the path to bigger things definitely someone you should be watching.

props to Sing Out Loud Sundays for the visuals.

A young lady whose sound we have been feeling here for the last couple of months Olivia Louise was recently involved in a Singers vs Rappers battle at Madia Vale For 1Xtra. DJ Target picked 4 Homegrown Singers and Rappers to face off in front of judges Trevor Nelson, Etta Bond and Ghetts. Backed by a full band and DJ the unique concept saw each artist performing 2 minutes of their own song before their opponent jumped on their beat for 1 minute. It worked really well as this video shows and is definitely a fresh concept. Although the rappers won overall i’m happy to say Olivia’s performance was quality and got the nod from the judges for her own individual victory!!! Sure this performance will open a few more doors for her. Watch and enjoy.

Watch the other 3 battles here.

I love new artists and new music. Put on to this lady by our good friends All About Good Music after performing at their most recent show in Manchester Olivia Louise is an Alternative RnB singer from Chester. With her silky soft vocals she dabbles in many different genres but this tune has got me a little hyped. A lovely summery feeling tune that i can only describe as dopeness. Someone you should be keeping your eye on this tune is serious!!! Props to Moteleola on production.