Ready for a wonderful vocal performance from one of the UK’s brightest new talents Raheem Bakare. This is simply superb. I’ll let the music do the talking just click play.

Big up Matti Roots on Keys and The Reload Session team for always bringing the quality.

Matti Roots

Whenever this guy puts something up it always filled with class and soul. This is one of his old tracks but still something special. If you want to see him live catch him @ Wired next week you won’t be disappointed in the mean time enjoy this one.

Lovely way to start your morning some soft sweet keys from our favourite Matti Roots enjoy. Big up the team at quality control another great video.


Got so much time for this guy. Yesterday Matti Roots dropped a track from his vaults “Laydown” and it is INSANE!!! The musicianship as always is at a ridiculous level and the tune is full of soul and funk. As always his vocals have a love mellow tone that is his own and sits on the track so nicely. Implore you to get over to Itunes to listen to more of what this guy is all about you won’t be disappointed one of the UK’s finest click here.

Laydown by MattiRoots

Got nothing but Love for Matti Roots. One of the baddest Soul Funk acts around, awesome vocalist musician and songwriter and sounds just as good live as he does on the record. Footage here from his performance at Flavour Live earlier this month and they have a quick chat with the man too. Quality enjoy! EP is available here.

Matti has always been a bad ass musician and this performance shows this to the fullest. Tune SICK!!! Band is RIDICULOUSLY TIGHT and the funk they are dropping is next level…. Prince-esqe if you would. If you like what you hear his album is availble on Itunes now get it in your life!!!


Matti Roots has been on the Remedy radar for a hot minute now. The skilled singer songwriter performed a couple of brilliant sets at The Remedy and Writers Block nights filled with energy wicked musicianship and some bad ass tunes! The likes of Ronnie Herrel at 1Xtra got behind the first album that many peeps were feeling. He’s now back with gorgeous piece of soul music with the track Raw!

Wicked wicked tune! “I don’t belive it no more” ahhhhh love it!!! Album is on the way you’ll just have to enjoy this for now.