UK RnB, so many have tried and so many have failed. This new music that is coming from Mark Asari however is ticking every box and potentially the highest quality RnB this country has produced. A big statement yes but when you have quality like this it is easy to back. The production is INCREDIBLE and Mark sounds as good as any RnB vocalist there has been over the last 10-15 years. The bridge is insane with some gorgeous vocal layers. I can’t find anything I don’t like about this get to know.

Very nice feel good sunshine music. This wonderful slice of RnB Soul comes from Mark Asari a man with one of the most recognisable vocals in the UK music scene. Having recently spent more time behind the scenes its great to hear his vocal on a tune again that is all his. As mentioned above the production from Sillkey results in a lovely blend of Soul and RnB music which is a little harder to find these days then it was say 5-10 years ago. A quality return more of the same please.