Not too sure how I missed this but this is straight RnB gold. Lylo Gold follows up her valentines slow jam Bedroom with Luv’Rell with a more upbeat RnB number. Despite the trap style beats the production is screaming classic 90′s RnB. Really loving the chord choices and Lylo sounds immense. Its just simple good ol’ fashioned RnB and I just can’t stop listening to it. Tune!

Dropped for the valentines weekend this should really be at the top of any bedroom playlist! Lylo Gold teams up with Luv’Rell to give this classic seductive RnB slow jam banger. Jordan James does everything needed in in production allowing the two vocals to intertwine seamlessly. Quality work does exactly what it says on the tin.

Wonderful slice of RnB slow jam goodness. This is the first track from Lylo Gold’s forthcoming EP “Soliloquy”. Enlisting Emmavive on production duties ensures that the beat is quality and Lylo Gold does the production justice with a sultry sexy vocal line. Great track to launch the EP look forward to hearing more.