Yes fresh Loyle Carner. Little more raw and gritty this one led by a dirty guitar rift rather than the usual soulful hip hop vibes. Dope content here love the concept and the video is smart too his mum and brother work the camera well with nice cameos from Barney Artist and Tom Misch too. Love HipHop you can’t not feel this!

The official video for the Tom Misch and Loyle Carner collab “Crazy Dream”. Its colourful fun and bright animations and dance moves and vibes. Definitely needed for the current state of affairs in the world. Dance and enjoy in the sunshine.

The Reviere EP is available now here.

I’ve been waiting to hear see something like this from Loyle Carner for the longest time. Here he performs “Florence” backed by a grand piano. Not quite the full band I was hoping for but it shows that his flow and tone are perfect for live instrumentation and it works so well. I do hope we see more from him in the future with this set up, don’t get me wrong the DJ sets are dope but i’ll never say Live isn’t the best way forward!

You know what it is when Tom Misch drops a tune with Loyle Carner. Your head’s gonna bop you are gonna catch a vibe and feel a little better about life with sweet guitar riffs and killer flow. Crazy Dream is just that VIBES.

Pre-order the Reverie ep out next month here.

A dope live performance from Loyle Carner taken from the Great Escape a couple weeks ago. This guy has ill flow, ill lyrics and the acappella section here shows he can switch it up with his DJ when he is ready. Would really love to hear this guy with a band it would be ridiculous. Stellar talent! Wicked visual from Vevo.

I really do love what this guy does. Easily my favourite rapper around Loyle Carner brings some stunning visuals to a hard tune with some serious storytelling. I always love that free hiphop guitar sound and the mean funk influenced Bassline. Bad Tune!

One of my favourite cuts from Tom Misch’s Beat Tape 2 project is this one featuring Loyle Carner “Nightgowns”. Captured by the Mahogany sessions this is to quote them a “gorgeous” acoustic live version of the track with the beauty of the guitars and double bass really compliment Loyle’s tone and flow. This is dope!

Tickets for Tom Misch’s first live headline show go on sale this Friday.

Loyle Carner drops the video for his latest track “Ain’t Nothing Changed” and it is as always with him a fresh and quality concept. I do hope 2016 see’s this guy continue to grow. His approach to hip hop from production to lyrics to visuals (as once again displayed here) are so on point and something that people need. His primary market may not be in the UK but I have no doubt there are ten’s of thousands around the world that would love his sound. Quality!

Time to get that head bopping once again. The audio for Loyle Carner’s latest tune is a saxophone sample lead hip hop banger. Realness in his lyrics and his undeniable trademark flow that sets hiim apart from so many in the UK Hip Hop game right now. Pure Quality. If you are feeling it you can buy it here.

Everybody knows how much I enjoy this guy’s flow and he once again does not disappoint. Loyle Carner taking on Kanye’s classic “Heard Em Say” he covers it in his own English flavour. Liking Radio 1′s Piano sessions too a nice evolution of the live lounge and it sounds noice!