In her own words…”Old Kanye, New Simbi. Enjoy.” What more do I need to add to that. This MC is killing it in every way shape or form and a prime example of how true talent, hard work and intelligent outside of the box thinking when brought together can lead an artist to fufill potential and dreams. Enjoy but more importantly be inspired.

More Space Age goodness from Josh Arce as he shows off not just his ridiculous flow and lyrical ability, but he also gets behind the buttons and gives a flava of his production style which is a fresh unique brand of futuristic soulful hip hop. The space collective are clearly keen to show that they have strength in numbers and that they are far from just being players on the Little Simz team they have plenty to offer. Looking forward to what is to come!

Beat is HAAARRRRD! Little Simz goes in as always leaving me with very little to say other than nothing that Little Simz  drops is poor. Even after all she has achieved she is still insistent on delivering more! An inspiration and an example of how persistent and consistent quality will see you rise!

More epic visuals from Vevo and Little Simz. She talks more about her, her concepts and her art. You can’t not love the way her team have built this marketing campaign around her fantastic talent and music. Every step they take only pulls you deeper into the hype… this album needs to DROP!

More levels of epicness as the world awaits the release of Little Simz debut album. Last week I posted the live visual of this track which 9 times out of 10 I would prefer but to be honest this version has a lot more to offer. The backing vocals really make a much stronger impact here combining with the chord structure given by the keys and guitar giving the track the feeling of not only the church but some real classic 90′s RnB. Simz delivers her vocals as superbly as ever with lyrics that leave an impact and the flow picking up pace when the track determines it. She rides it brilliantly. I can not wait to hear this album, simply superb.

Pre order the album here.

More awesomeness from Little Simz. Not only does she get the live sound right with the band set up and backing vocals on point but visually this is also RIDICULOUS. The rise to superstar status continues.

A short docu video from Vevo on the future of Hip Hop period Little Simz. The talent I and anyone else with a real appreciation for music has been shouting about for the last couple of years talks honestly and passionately about Simz and how she has got to where she is. I love the way she talks about being an Unsigned artist and her frustrations with the misconceptions that it brings. Its great to hear her talking freely and letting everyone know her motive and it is about the music nothing more nothing less. You can’t not feel her more after watching this awesome onwards and upwards we await the album!

The way this crew can do no wrong. The flow the beats the vibes the visuals everything so on point. Little Simz and the space age crew are taking over the world period.

More vibes from Little Simz!!! Taken from the forthcoming Age 101: Drop 4 Simz teams up with Toronto based producer Prezident Jeff and OZ to bring a cut that is slight more mellow and almost philosophical in its content but still that same quality. Right about now she is EVERYONE’S flavour of the week. Another reminder that some times being that talented does count for something in todays Music industry.

Oh gosh who actually does it better than Simz though. I mean really who??? I know Grime and MCs are having a moment right now but REALLY who comes harder than this??? Wether she is in the UK or repping the UK across the atlantic she still kills it and brings it better then every other British Lyricist. Here she is in Austin for SXSW on the BBC Introducing stage doing what she does best dropping straight FIRE!