Last December BoxediN put on a very special Christmas show for all of their fans with an epic line up of some of the best poetic talents in the country including this man longtime Music is Remedy favourite Joshua Idehen who delivered this epic performance which given the current climate has much relevance.

Listen enjoy and engage. If you like your poetry like this check out BoxediN at Box Park every last Tuesday of the month. Also check out Muddy Feet who post new videos every Tuesday.

Photo credit Rob Sloetry Covell

The good people at Brainchild Festival have begun releasing videos featuring performances from last years festival including this song from the brilliant Benin City. Shuffling, Skanking and Strutting his way around the stage frontman Joshua Idehen is awesome full of charisma and presence and holding all of your attention despite the efforts of Tom on Sax to steal your attention with an awesome delayed sax riff and solo. Its a quality tune and visuals and sound quality is superb too!

For more videos from Brainchild head over to their youtube channel here. Look out for new material from Benin City coming soon!

New visuals from one of 2014′s freshest and unique groups. Hugh have a sound that like a lot of music around these days can’t really be put in any kind of genre box, saying that if i’m posting it then there has to be some element of soul in there and with the vocals and harmonies that float around the track like clouds in the sky on a breezy summer day it is certainly there. Quality stuff.

If you like what you are hearing and see go check them out live at their EP launch next week details on our gigs page and here.

So there we were Tuesday night in the LDN halfway in-between Kings Cross and Angel in a small unique cosy venue lovers of good poetry, music and performance were crammed into Suya to celebrate one of the leading brands in the UK live scene Poejazzi and the launch of their new app. Over the next 16 weeks those who download the app will be treated to a new piece of poetry from a different writer each week. You will get it in written form as well as filmed visual performance of the piece from the poet. By all accounts this is a MASSIVE DEAL and as always the poejazzi team assembled a lineup worthy of the occasion. Poetry from Adam Kammerling and Laurie Bolger (“looking like a primary school art teacher” LOVED THAT LINE) had the crowd in stitches and smiles nodding in approval. Will Adlard left us with some mellow blues come folk acoustic musings whilst Oscar Laurence and his band of cool calm bad ass young guns i think can safely say blew everyone away in the crowd with their ridiculous musicianship. Admittedly a little rough around the edges but there is nothing better then seeing the brilliance of young musicians playing music they love and honing their craft. I’m sure this will be a name you will see a lot more of over the next 10 years.

A special mention has to go out to Joshua Idehen who has successfully looked over the Poejazzi for many years now. One of the finest hosts around, he always provides his audiences with a fantastic night out and the fact that the crowd was like a who’s who of the Poetry world (GREEdS, Natalie Fiawoo, Alex Gwyther, Simon Mole, Cecilia Knapp, Zia Ahmed, Sean Mahoney, Raymond Antrobus i could go on but you get the idea‚Ķ) is a testament to the service he and the brand has provided lovers of the art with. The launch of this App is now taking the art form to new places and hopefully the phone and computer screens of poetry lovers around the world.

The app will be available on Android and Apple devices next week get downloading!

New visuals from the fantastic Benin City. They released this track earlier this track baby early this year receiving many plaudits. Hooking up with the guys at Beatnik here is a brilliant live performance of the track. Fresh with Double Bass, Drums and their magnificent Horn Section its a great version of the song. Beautifully shot by the Beatnik team too. The track is available now here. For more sessions from Beatnik click here.

Last Wednesday we had another great night at The Ben Oakley Gallery in Greenwich for another Remedy Raw. Opening the show was Benin City front man Joshua Idehen. He dazzled the crowd with a brilliant performance and this was just one of his pieces on the night on the Riots enjoy.

If you like Josh download his new single Baby available now.

Remedy Raw is back June 27th come join us