Yes I think this is the video and the tune that could potentially push Jodie Abacus into the hearts of the wider public. Pure sunshine feel good music in a time where we could all do with a smile and a friend. I really love these visuals. Jodie is looking and sounding like the finished article now and its a joy to see him succeed!

This fills me with happiness and smiles seeing this brother work the BBC cameras at Glastonbury with this absolute anthem of a track put feel good factor! Real good soul vibes from Jodie Abacus enjoy!

Jodie Abacus takes to the streets and hills of the West Coast for his latest video “She’s In Love With The Weekend”. The visuals capture the sunshine contained within the tracks that you just can’t find in the UK right about now and does the track so much justice. Great to see Jodie making these kind of movements. The elevation is inspiration to all those making good music stick to your guns an opportunity will present itself trust.

Pick up the track here.

I do love it when Jodie Abucus gives us some fresh goodness to enjoy. This is another 80s funk induced sunshine feel good anthem made to make you smile dance and feel the sunshine no mater how grey it is. Unlike some of his other tracks i definitely feel has some borderline disco moments probably the strings, but by no means is this a bad thing. Just a straight jam. Currently on tour in europe supporting Jamie Woon so happy to see him out there succeeding!!!

What a VIBE. A killer combination of two of Music is Remedy’s favourite peoples Jodie Abacus and Royce Wood Junior combine perfectly for this monster of dirty electro funk soul vibes. I love the way it is driven by at its root by the keys that is at the same time wonderfully manipulated by synths to give it a quirky electro feel. The Bass is pretty ridiculous too! Awesome combo free to download now.

The Jodie Abacus EP is available to buy here now go get that goodness in your life!

Newness from Jodie Abacus the tune is a real banger that gets your head bopping and buy the end of the tune you’ll be out of your seat busting your dad or drakes best moves! Some nice synth work and harmonies here and Jodie continues to develop of feel good Soul funk love it!

The coming together of two Music is Remedy Favourites Jodie Abacus drops a new tune produced by the brilliant Royce Wood Junior. It is a Funk Soul 70′s Brit Rock quirky head bopper that you appreciate more and more with each listen. The type of collab that doesn’t happen enough love it!
The rise of Jodie Abacus continues!

No idea where the creativity for this number came from but it is visually one of the best videos I have seen for years. The first video to drop from Jodie Abacus and it is a little bit special a visual masterclass so to speak. The colours and imagery really capture the no pun intended feel good nature for the tune itself.


As long as I have been in the game under his different guises this guy has consistently delivered quality feel good music and his latest single is no different. Jodie Abacus latest offering “Good Feeling” was premiered by Mista Jam this week and rightfully so. The keys driven number is full of positivity and even though it doesn’t have a clear groove you can’t help but vibe to it and have a little party in your seat. Production is full of little genius touches and I love the guitar line that comes in (it is far to short though). This is a just awesome tune simple get your hands on it now here.

Yeah mate this is right up my street! Stabbing keys driving the tune forward covered in feel good Prince-esque vibes, chord choices and vocal lines, whats not to like. Jodie Abacus formerly known as Jason Jermaine was always full of quality and amazing tunes and this is another one to add to the list. Real feel good tune from the first note to the last easily my favourite record right about now!