Jermaine Reily continues his track a week drop with more quality RnB production and his trademark Vocals all over it. He continues to show us all just how much of a class act that he is.

Another track from Jermaine Reily’s Weekness series and it is another gem of a track. RnB plushness with as always ridiculous vocals and harmonies from Jermaine. The track deals with something that i’m sure many a creative has been through when trying to push through urging your partner to be on the team. Quality!

More goodness from Jermaine Reily and his TheWeekness series. “Love For Dummies” is another banger, one of them tunes that gets you bopping your head and screwing your head to the beat and vocals. Production is quality and as I mentioned in the post last week as good as anything you would find Stateside. Pure quality keep it coming!

Yes Cherri, YES! After spending the last 18 months making some great music alongside Jermaine Riley as Dora Martin Cherri V starts 2015 with a solo single that is off the hook! “2016″ is a slice of RnB bliss. Gorgeous synths, a very simple beat and the occasional guitar rift are at the heart of a flawless production but this is really all about her voice. This is a simply magnificent vocal performance and by no means is that an over statement. Cherri shows her experience and delivers pure quality here. I want more! Cherri has always been one of my favourite artists that i’ve booked and worked with over the years. Always bringing heat always bringing the quality and i have to say its great to have her back. Not that i didn’t like the Dora Martin material but I love this.

Yes Cherri Yes great to have you back!

A new refix from Dora Martin and another job well done. Taking Chris Brown’s New Flame they take it and make it their own with their trademark quality vocal sound. These two never fail to deliver and by being able to give both a male and female perspective on tracks they are able to shine a different light onto these much loved tracks giving listeners something new. Quality!

Highlights from Dora Martin’s set at Foreground Live last month. A nice stripped down set up on stage that allows the pair to play to their strengths and show off their superb vocals and harmonies. For me the performance highlights just how fantastic “Skyline” is as a song. It kicks in at 3:18 on the video. Both Jermaine and Cherri sound gorgeous and the musicians behind them are able to amplify that with their wonderful playing ability. They wouldn’t be able to do that if it was a poor song though. Wonderful quality enjoy.

Black History is the second visual feature from Dora Martin before the release of their debut EP Coalation. The combination of Jermaine Reily and longtime Remedy favourite Cherri Voncelle is a dream. I love the quality the two bring to the table and the vocals compliment each other well. Not overly keen about the beat however it keeps the track fresh and allows it not to just be labelled as generic R&B. I’m loving everything thats coming out of this camp and am very excited about their forthcoming EP its been too long since we have had an innovative quality British R&B act. Lets hope this is the start of something special.

You can pre-order the EP here