Summertime BBQ vibes from Intalekt. A track with soft keys groovy bass but a harsher vocal tone it works really well and gets your head bopping definitely vibe. Really enjoying the brand of soulfulness that Intalekt brings to his music right up my street. Be sure to listen to the end for some more jokes.

So this dropped a couple months ago but it only just showed up on my time line and its too much up my alley and too strong for me to not feature. I don’t know anything about Lucy Rose other than she has a gorgeous voice and is definitely a star on the rise. This remix here is ridiculous such a spin on the alt/indie/folk vibe of the original it gives it a full facelift and makes you want to dance. Intalekt on production duties is once again showing just how much he has to offer the game. Superb work!

Some gorgeous Soulful RnB from the fantastic vocal talent that is Shiv. Her vocal (and BV tracks) sounds polished and as good as anything you would hear from across the other side of the atlantic. Reminds me a little of Jaguar Wright in her heyday. Intalekt on production nails it and really does get the best and most out of her vocal. Wicked tune.

The OrphGang boys are back at it again with a new track and video showing off the team and their combined talent strength and energy. It’s really simply but I love the way it shows them all off individuals and family at the same time. I can’t say I have a favourite verse they’re all strong. Without doubt something powerful is happening here.

One of tbe best videos from an unsigned artist that I have seen. I say in terms if the effort gone to recreate a scene from a 70s soul show that fits perfectly with the vibe of the tune. Intalekt has set a very high standard with this project and this video has just taken it even higher. Superb stuff.

This tune right here though. That simple clear straight beat gets your head going right from the get go which the rest of the mellow production is built around. Intalekt stepping from behind the production boards and onto the mic is the other dominant force on the track completing it’s mellow feel and interacting so nicely with Ella Frank on the hook. It really does just feel comfortable. Theres some nice synth and guitar work in there and also a dope break in the second verse and at the end. Quality!

The tune is taken from Intalekt’s “It Is What It Is” project which from start to finish is a real dope piece of British Hip Hop Soul with additional features from Music is Remedy Favourites Kojey Radical, Jay Prince and Sophia Thakur. If you are feeling this one you won’t be disappointed go get your ears around it!