Here are more reasons to love the art and craft of Hollie McNish. Chosen by the Poetry Society as part of their Page Fright project, which records spoken word artists performing their own work alongside performances of canonical page poetry. Hollie performs one of her own pieces as well as reading a poem and creating a response to it. If you follow this blog then you know I post her poetry regularly which is why I’ve chosen to feature her interview below as it shows the meaning, intelligence and emotion behind her work. Seeing that side to her only adds power to her performance and art.

To see the poems click the links below the video.

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Hollie McNish – British National Breakfast
Hollie McNish – The Charge of the Light Brigade by Alfred, Lord Tennyson
Hollie McNish – A response to ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade’

As a father i can fully appreciate this piece (perhaps my wife a little more). As is always the case and perhaps one of the secrets behind the Hollie McNish success story is the uncomplicated honesty that you find in her poetry. I mean pretty much all parents can relate to this and see the truth in it. Here delivery is the icing on the cake. Love it!

Hollie McNish’s new book “Nobody Told Me” is available now.

Aahhhh Holie McNish the pure brilliance of this piece. As always she takes on a subject that i’m sure many think of and have come across but never actually brought up. The honesty in her poetry and simple flow allows her to deliver her message with perfect impact. Class!

Yes peoples it is one month until the May bank Holiday weekend and once again Music is Remedy are proud to host the Unsigned London stage. Over the past 4 years we have had a diverse range of acts with the likes of Hollie McNish, Mikall Pane, Shakka, Dionne Reid, Tawiah, James Massiah and DivaGeek all joining us and giving incredible performances. This Year we have once again pulled together an incredible range of acts that do represent what it is Music is Remedy is all about good music.

Headlining this year will be one of the most hyped talked about collectives around at Present. The Mighty ORPH Gang will be closing the stage with 50 minute set of hype, quality and brilliance that if we had a roof would have been blazed alight! Also on the day there will be performances from Julie Iwheta, Cara Winter, Kai Jones, Ruinz Ason to name a few.

The full line up is below and as well as all that there will be all the other goodness associated with Streetfest from BMX and Skateboard displays to dance crews to amazing food and DJs. It will not be one to be missed. Tickets are available NOW HERE get your hands on them and come join us!

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Unexpected Guests
Bre Musiq
Triple O
Julie Iwheta
Sean Colwill
Lars Koehoorn
Kemi Aneke
Cara Winter
Kai Jones
Charlotte Brimner
Ruinz Ason
Orph Gang

Sunday May 3rd Streetfest returns and once again Music is Remedy will be hosting the Streetfest Unsigned stage showcasing the best Unsigned music from around the country! In previous years we have had the likes of DivaGeek, Shakka, Mikall Pane, James Massiah, Hollie McNish, Dean Atta, Dionne Reid, Tawiah and many more quality acts and you can join the list this year!

For 1 month we will be accepting entries to perform on the Unsigned stage. Simply send us your links and a short intro as to why you think you should be on that stage to we will then shortlist the top 12 acts to face off over two heats at the Juno Bar where an industry panel will pick the best two acts to proceed to perform at Streetfest!

Its that simple. For more information please email the address above and get involved! Heres some clips of the streetfest heats and last years Streetfest!

Photo by Owen Davies

Earlier in the week we featured a video from the roundhouse Poetry Slam 2014 Runner up Maria Ferguson and its only right that we post the video of the winner Vanessa Kisuule with her superb slam winning performance. Its a touching relatable piece with humour thrown in for good measure. Catch Vanessa supporting Hollie McNish in Bath sure to be a great show.

Highlights from the most recent Outspoken event. As always the calibre of their line ups are second to none and full of quality. Snipets here of Jasmine Cooray, Chris Redmond and one of our favourites Hollie McNish show you just what to expect at an Outspoken event. Enjoy and make sure you get down to the next event details here.

Props to The Ruby Kid, Anthony Anaxagorou and Karim Kamar

Fitting that my first post after witnessing the birth of my daughter is another classic from Hollie McNish and the wonders of Mother Nature and motherhood. Hollie goes into it comparing the female body to Megatron and Optimus Prime as the greatest transformer of all. This performance was filmed at the Roundhouse for Bang Said The Gun special Pagematch hence the unique stage and mic set up! Adds to the quality of another brilliant piece from Hollie.

Following on from her excellent Bungalow and Biscuits piece we posted a couple weeks back the good people at Word on The curb sat Hollie McNish down with a cuppa to talk a little more about her poetry and life. Definitely entertaining and some interesting points raised but nothing that you wouldn’t expect from the excellent Hollie McNish (probably why we feature her so much). Grab a cuppa and enjoy!

Stumbled across this after a tweet from legendary manager Kwame Kwaten saw Hollie McNish performing live earlier this week and i can only imagine he became an instant fan of the poet (as is the same for pretty much anyone who has crossed paths with her performances). Last year Hollie was invited down to the famous Abbey Road Studios to record seven pieces using a classic 40s microphone supplied by Bowers Wilkins. After recording she then performed to a small intimate crowd at the studios again with the mic which was captured on this video. Surely few better ways to spend 30 minutes today enjoying this amazing poets performance and words.

The recordings are available here.