Camden rappers OthaSoul enlist the skills of Music is Remedy favourite Emmavie to produce a soulful hiphop beat for the two to rhyme over. The tune is well just that a TUNE!!! Dope vibe killer beats and Emmavie’s vocal is the perfect companion to OthaSoul’s lyrics and flow. Big Tune!

Oh the vibes contained within this tune right HERE!!! That solid beat that just gets your head going so hard you’re gonna break your neck and then the way you switch into a screwface head wine when the synth drops in ARRRRRRGGGGGHHHH!!! The production on this one from ROM is fresh and incredible and its far too short for me. The 19 year old Brummie producer kills it with what is clearly a late 90s early noughties RnB inspired production style but he still is able to keep it relevant and fresh. Emmavie is a fine choice to feature on the vocal and completes the track perfectly.

Shout out to Soulection for featuring it on their white label series that you can download for free now.

Emmavie drops some newness for 2016 and as to be expected it is a BANGER! Definitely feels like there is an evolution in her sound with the production taking a slightly trap twist to go alongside her usual late 90s RnB soul feel. There’s also some epic synth work in the intro. The breakdown at the end is sick too featuring her trademark vocal harmonies setting the dopest vibe! A fine start to 2016!

Ralph Hardy dropped a collection of music titled “Growing Pains” for Nang . The aim in his words is to highlight that “there are greats amongst us ahead of their time, doing it for the art”. One of those greats that I have made no secret of is Emmavie with a fresh new track “Dough”. As usual there are some quality harmonies mixed up with her trademark 90′s good ish RnB sound that gets your head bopping.

Check out the full project here.

Oh my gwash!!! No words!!! First heard a snippet of this first cut from the forthcoming AlfaMist EP on The Are We Live podcast (if you feel this kinda of music you need to be checking it) and it sounded great, the full version is sounding even better on my ears. The way the chords are constantly moving and the way that Emmavie is then able to tie it altogether with her dope vocals is just bliss (for me anyway).

“Sunrise” is the first drop from the hotly anticipated Alfamist EP “Nocturnal”… bring it yes!!!

More goodness from Emmavie who dropped her latest banger over the Easter weekend and banger it is. Her trademark quality RnB signature production style remains intact with her vocals sounding great. Absolutely loving the vocal breakdown at the end! Think the possibilities for this Singer/Songwriter/Producer are just endless. The forthcoming album “Honeymoon” is gonna be off the chain!!!

Yes yes and more yeses. New Emmavie!!!! Taken from the forthcoming album “Honeymoon” this is once again pure dopeness from Emmavie. As if it wasn’t enough that we were getting fresh production and some of her trademark vocals and harmonies she went and got Ego Ella May to guest on the track… RIDICULOUS!!! This Soul come RnB come alt tune is an absolute BANGER! Wrap your ears around it and soak it up. Dopeness plain and simple!!!

Alfamist go to work on one of the best tracks from Barney Artist’s Bespoke EP ILUVU and the result as expected is a ridiculously dope slice of keys inspired and bass driven Hip Hop. Emmavie provides the hook whilst Barney Artist as i’ve expressed many times on this blog in 2014 drops quality rhymes. Keys solo at the end… whats not to love!

If you haven’t already download one of the Eps of the year Bespoke here.

Wonderful slice of RnB slow jam goodness. This is the first track from Lylo Gold’s forthcoming EP “Soliloquy”. Enlisting Emmavive on production duties ensures that the beat is quality and Lylo Gold does the production justice with a sultry sexy vocal line. Great track to launch the EP look forward to hearing more.

Last week Barney Artist dropped his EP “Bespoke” last week and it is a slice of quality real HipHop from the UK. Mixing Soul and HipHop perfectly this is probably my favourite track. Produced by the geniuses that are AlfaMist this has that dope mellow vibe that keeps your head nodding as you listen in on the lyrics. The EP is full of this quality and features from Ego Ella May and Emmavie give it an extra seal of approval (not that it’s really needed).
You could do a lot worse with £2.49 go invest in that now! And catch his headline show at the Macbeth tomorrow night in Shoreditch!