As the festival season comes to an end the Chill Pill Colective are slowly but surly remerging from the fields, tents, stages and microphones that have dominated their summers. Raymond Antrobus steps up to deliver the first Chill Pill Shorts video where he speaks of his experiences as a Jamaican British. In my own way I can relate a little (Half Jamaican half Guyanese full British though) which immediately makes me concentrate that little bit more as I watch and soak up his words and experiences to the fullest. The visuals are also strong and simple looking extremely slick and professional. This is a great insight into his mind on a topic that touches many.

Chill Pill is back at the Soho Theatre for one of the best nights on the poetry circuit. As well as the Chill Pill collective Simon Mole, Adam Kammerling, Deanna Rodger, Raymond Antrobus and Mr Gee there will also be features from Rafeef Ziadah and Rob Auton. Expect nothing other then quality!

Soho Theatre, 21 Dean St, W1D 3NE London
£5.00 In Advance here

3 members of the Chill Pill collective Raymond Antrobus, Adam Kammerling and Deanna Rodger were invited to take to the stage at the Ted X talk earlier this year. They used the poets to deliver poems on Preconception to the crowd. All three delivered 3 of their classic most loved poems to have the crowd entertained and educated. Brilliant as always! Spoken word continues to rise.

The next Chill Pill event is a pretty awesome one click here for more details.