Bluey Robinson dropped this over the weekend as his response to the injustices that have occurred over the last week. Its strong and powerful and if you aren’t hit by the lyrics then you’ll certainly be hit by the samples used.

Really love that artists are beginning to share their views and create songs on the mater. Its important for the culture and the future generations to share, commentate and spread the message. Salute to you Bluey.

Bluey Robinison drops the first track from his forthcoming mixtape. Zeeko steps up to produce a remix for a classic RnB Banger Jagged Edge’s “Where The Party At”. He takes it down a Trap route which I can’t say i’m too keen about but Bluey’s vocals I am keen about. What a voice brilliant performance with some ad-libs at the end to die for. This definitely is a good taster of what is to come from the mixtape!

Whenever you get this guy outdoors with a guitarist and you stick a camera on him the results are always pretty much the same, an effortlessly brilliant vocal rendition of a song that just oozes quality. Bluey Robinson gives us this random choice of R Kelly’s Classic Ignition Remix (does anyone remember the original by the way???). He sounds superb as always and the guitarist backs him up nicely on bvs too. I do hope in 2016 we see and hear more from this guy.

Bluey Robinson dropped something fresh for the Thanksgiving weekend. Nice vibes on this one as the production has a light RnB Soul feel to it (some real nice guitar and synth lines in there). I am Novel coming in with a quick 16 bar rap enhances the overall RnB feel of the tune. As always its all about Bluey’s vocals so strong gorgeous harmonies and nothing but pure quality from him. Still a travesty that this guy isn’t a household name yet. All in time I hope…

Yes he’s done it before but he hasn’t done it walking around Thorpe Park with a fancy camera man and plus when it sounds this good why not do it again. Bluey Robinson walks the paths of Thorpe Park sounding just incredible. Somebody please tell me when this guy is gonna blow!!! Enjoy.

Photo credit Allan Hickenbottom Photography

Another quality display of vocal goodness from Bluey Robinson. As he gears up for his headline show in a couple weeks time he takes on Ed Sheerans massive hit in his own soulful way. Enjoy.

Bluey Robinson drops a quality live video again once again showing just how phenomenal a vocalist and performer he is. It’s a complete travesty that he is not performing on bigger stages (but that’s a rant for another day). The video is a preview of what is to come at his forthcoming headline show in June at the 100 club. Tickets are on sale now and you won’t want to miss it.

Body Rock is taken from his Cool EP that you can download for free here.

Two of my favourite acts that I have featured on this website come together to deliver a gorgeous piece of mellow RnB Soul. The unbelievably good Bluey Robinson jumps on a Tom Misch Instrumental (The Journey) and the pair’s trademark sounds work so well together. The track is taken from Bluey’s new EP “The Cool” which is free to download from his website now and contains more quality like this and i’d throughly recommend you checking it out.
I still struggle to understand how Bluey isn’t a household name. He has everything you want from a superstar and without question he is another example of how the UK music industry fails many an artist. Credit to him that he still continues to delivers great music to his many fans who i’m sure just like me will keep singing his praises, spreading the word and most importantly enjoying his art.

Checkout and download the new EP here

Been a while since we posted something from this guy. Bluey Robinson takes to the streets of Stockholm with some musicians and a cameraman to give us this rendition of a Jacksons classic! As always he delivers a flawless performance working up to the falsetto lines like its nothing. Amazing! I really looking forward to his new EP thats on the way. He is an immense talent that shouldn’t be wasted in the studio the world needs to see him on a stage on their TVs and in their IPods.

 photo BlueyRobinson_zps11ac0196.jpg

This ain’t really a monday morning energiser but its toooooo good not to post. The phenomena that is Bluey Robinsion takes on JT’s latest track and MY GOD what a cover it is. His vocal quality is second to none. Character, tone, range, adlibs just quality. The live instrumentation is simply gorgeous and provides a sublime backdrop for Bluey to do his thing. Fantastic. How this guy isn’t all over everyones radios, spotify accounts and TVs still makes no sense this guy has it all. Get to know about him and support and get him where he needs to be!