The Are We Live crew Barney Artist, Jordan Rakei, Tom Misch and Alfamist set out on a new task to come together and record a song in 1 day and here is the first result and it is AWESOME. Everything about this is so dope. Love the keys that drive the 1st part of the song and the way they are able to switch it to allow the guitar to dominate the 2nd half of the track. They all contribute to what is a killer track… RIDIDCULOUS give it a listen and download.

My kinda of Hip Hop right here. 2nd Exit is the coming together of Music is Remedy favourite AlfaMist and Lester Duvall. This dark keys and bass driven number is full of soul and head bopping vibes that is forcing me to press replay again and again and again. Tune is cold! An EP is on the way dropping on May 27th can’t wait till it comes!

Another track taken from the debut ep from Carmody. This time teaming up with Alfamist to produce an as expected Piano driven number that sounds soft and loving although the keys in the verse do make the track a little cold the BVs and guitars in the chorus warm it up nicely. Another very strong song go check out the EP Skin here.

Barney Artist chooses Valentines day to drop the first cut from his new project “Painting Sounds”. Produced by the combined Are We Live Podcast powers of Jordan Rakei and Alfamist they give Barney a soul inspired, keys led track to work over with his story and call for love. When the beat kicks back in after a mini break down the track is the high point for me. Dark and warm slyly reminiscent of early Dwele vibes quality tune. Great to have him back.

After hearing rave reviews for Alfamist set at the “Are We Live” event at the end of last year he announces a live show of his epic Nocturne EP. This is sure to be an epic night  with plenty of guest performances and some quality Keys playing.

Tickets available via Dice app here

This is a work of art. Alfa Mist takes one of the standout tracks from Royce Wood Junior’s album takes his trademark keys led arrangement production style and turns it into a plush soulful number. Bloody awesome! So dope!

Today sees the release of the new EP from AlfaMist Nocutrne. Here is another cut featured on the EP called “Dreams”. Carmody steps in on vocal duties with a hypnotic tone taking on Alfa’s chords and production style with a verve different to that of Emmavie but equally dope. The keys dominate as always which I love. A reflective slice of goodness.

Oh my gwash!!! No words!!! First heard a snippet of this first cut from the forthcoming AlfaMist EP on The Are We Live podcast (if you feel this kinda of music you need to be checking it) and it sounded great, the full version is sounding even better on my ears. The way the chords are constantly moving and the way that Emmavie is then able to tie it altogether with her dope vocals is just bliss (for me anyway).

“Sunrise” is the first drop from the hotly anticipated Alfamist EP “Nocturnal”… bring it yes!!!

Tom Misch gives us another snippet from his forthcoming BeatTape 2 project teaming up with Alfa mist for a short duet of keys and guitar over beats. love some of the chord choices and progressions here. For me all about them keys though!

Can’t wait for the arrival of this project.

Alfamist go to work on one of the best tracks from Barney Artist’s Bespoke EP ILUVU and the result as expected is a ridiculously dope slice of keys inspired and bass driven Hip Hop. Emmavie provides the hook whilst Barney Artist as i’ve expressed many times on this blog in 2014 drops quality rhymes. Keys solo at the end… whats not to love!

If you haven’t already download one of the Eps of the year Bespoke here.