Angel sits down with ADTV and gives a pretty honest insight into his musical choices and drops some gems about life on a label and what you as an artist should really be doing with your music. Looking forward to hearing the next part of the interview and more importantly the music that he is cooking up.

Shout out ADTV providing quality videos of real value for all aspiring artists and the people he features.

ADTV sat down with the superstar that is Shakka after his recent performance at Wireless. He talks about how he continues to hone his craft and keep getting better. A great insight into an artist that continues to grow and inspire.

Catch Shakkas headline show at Koko this September tickets here.

AKS’ “Train of Thought” EP/Album has been about for a hot minute now. It is a quality body of work as I’ve expressed in previous posts. Here he catches up with Amaru The Don to talk to him about his journey and the project. Its a great insight into AKS and makes me enjoy the project even more. It is something Artists that are more underground don’t do enough. Let people know who you are not just through Snaps and Tweets but in the more traditional formats like an interview. It should only make people buy into you more and stand out which ultimately is what you need.

This is part 1 and should any others drop I will be sure to post them up. Get on the “Train of Thought” here.

Last month Terri Walker put on a special night showcasing her current album “Entitled” at Under The Bridge featuring as well as her own full set performances from The Floacist, Dora Martin and Hayley Cassidy. Highlights were captured by the brilliant ADTV crew who have spliced footage with interview clips of Terri talking honestly about herself, her journey and the new album. She sounding and looking great and hearing her speak only makes me want to buy the album more. She has waved the flag for UK music for sometime now, setting high standards and achieving so much a true inspiration and undeniably one of the best the UK has ever had! Salute to you Terri!

The album Entitled is out NOW available here.

Amaru Don TV sits down with Dornik to delve a little deeper into his music, background and how he got into the game. Much like his music there not much not to like about the guy and its great hearing about the man behind the music. If you haven’t already get your ears around his debut album available here now.

Photo credit Svenja Block

Big fan of Angel and his music and after watching this interview i’m even more of a fan. He talks about the concept behind his most recent single “US” which as well as having crazy production and visual elements there’s a great meaning behind it. I love that he is talking with honesty and passion about wanting to do something different, pulling people together and stepping it up. He is one of the few artists out that is growing and getting better with every release and its wonderful to see.

If you haven’t already checkout the video here and while you’re at it download the tune too here.

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