The Outspoken team celebrated their 2nd birthday last week with another incredible line up of quality spoken word and live music. You can catch snippets here of the genius of Zia Ahmed, Tshakka Campbell and Belinda Zawhi and much more goodness plus TY rocking the crowd as only he can.

Big salute must go out to the Outspoken team The Ruby Kid, Anthony Anaxagorou and Karim Kamar who consistently put on an amazing show with so much quality on display and great crowd too. One of the best nights on the circuit if you’ve never been make sure you check them out.

Outspoken @ The Forge Tue Mar 11th

The Outspoken boys prepare for their second birthday and as usual they have another fantastic night in store to celebrate. Performances from two of Spoken Words finest Zia Ahmed and Belinda Zhawi and Hip Hop legend Ty to name a few. These nights get BUSY so be sure to get your hands on tickets in advance here and get there nice and early! A great night awaits!

The Forge, 3-7 Delancey Street, Camden, NW1 7NL
£9 in advance £12 on the door

Last night TY and TruThoughts dropped the first track from the third part of Ty’s Kick Snare And An Idea project which started last year. Once again Ty uses his platform to deliver an honest and on point observation of life and culture in the UK and HipHop world. I love the production with the almost Bollywoodesqe string samples combined with synth and key riffs, steady beat and catchy harmonies and chorus lines at the end. The Instrumental break at the end is ridiculous too.
On what was quite a historic day it seemed fitting that one of the UKs most consistent, thought provoking and eloquent lyricists chose to release new music. The music scene needs more like him. To quote the track “Food for Thought”.

Kick, Snare and an Idea part 3 drops Jan 20th.

Some great footage of TY in action performing at the Casio G-Shock Session. MC’s take note this is how you rock a crowd! Ty’s lyrical ability and flow has never been in question as he displays once again her but what i LOVE is the performance! Its full of energy, jokes, dancing and fun!!! The crowd love it and by the end even when he cuts the beat he still has everyone jumping around. Why can’t everyone bring it like that when they hit the stage? This line sums it all up really “we just here to have fun NO MODELLING”. You can’t not love it.

Props to 4ourPillars for capturing it all and if you haven’t already get TY’s latest EP here.

ty photo ty_zpsdc5d6d23.jpg

Ty finnaly on SBTV!!! As part of their Skooled series Rodney P pulls in legends of the UK hip hop game in front of the camera to show the youngers how the elders do. As always Ty is on point with some poignant lyrics that hopefully the viewers will pick up and younger MCs can take some notes and learn from. Lyrics with meaning. Great to see Ty on this platform for me by far still the MC in the UK game. If you haven’t already checkout his new EPs here. Big up SBTV on the series great concept.

 photo b8254d7f-fda2-45e0-bcbc-08ba17d5a5d2_zps5d34d0fb.jpg

Today Ty dropped his new EP “Kick, Snare and An Idea”. Three tracks of lyrical genius and brilliant production. I don’t think there is a standout track on there all 3 are of a very high standards which after all his years in the game is very much to be expected. This is just part 1 can’t wait to hear part 2 get your hands on this now here.

ty photo ty_zpsdc5d6d23.jpg

Ty drops the first track from the new A Kick A Snare an Idea EP. “Like You Never” i think speaks for itself. As always Ty is Lyrically on point with a story and message to tell rather then just spitting for the sake of spitting. The Beat is epic and the visuals superb. I love every part of this and can’t wait to hear more UK Hiphop needs to take note to one of the scenes leading lights and inspirations. EP drops in April catch Ty @ Outspoken This Tuesday night.

A cool collection of images from the sellout Ty album launch at Jazz Cafe a few weeks ago. As i said before it looks like it was an amazing night! These pictures enhance those thoughts even more! If you haven’t already go cop the album!

Watching the tweets on Tuesday morning everyone was talking about the Ty Album launch that had just taken place at the Jazz Cafe. It was an awesome line up featuring Black Einstein and Obenewa amongst others with a headline set full band set from Ty. By all accounts it seems like the atmosphere was electric, full of creative types, love and phenomenal live music. Below are some clips that i’ve found from the show, and though the sound quality isn’t perfect still well worth watching and makes feel even more gutted that i wasn’t there jamming along. Have a look and listen to quality live HipHop from the UK!!!


I can only imagine how nice that must of sounded and bumped in the crowd would of been shocking out good and proppa just like he does on stage!!!


One of my favourite tracks from his last album the band give it a nice mellow feel still allowing the tune to deliver its message. Serious TUNE!!!

“Heart Is Breaking”

Really nice track and his flow is dope on the beat! Ty ride’s it hard!!! Come like Luda!!!

“Wait a Minute”

What a tune this is my favourite clip of the night. The band are so tight and on it, Ty’s delivering lyrics and words that everyone can relate to and Vula and Charlene Hector pretty much steal the show with their backing vocal performance dope, jokes and moves, moves, moves!!!

MY GWASH!!!! Watching this kills me! Hats off to Ty and the band for putting on a show and rocking a crowd the way it should be done. Bravo Bravo Bravo!!! Support this brudder only bringing realness and quality to the UK HipHop Scene, culture and artform! BIG!!!

I love this tune, makes me feel good, makes my head bop and the way Sarina is bustin moves just inspires me to let my hair down and shock out! The video is sharp, crisp, simple, full of colour and does exactly what it needs to… gets more people listening and enjoying this superb tune! Can’t wait for the album!