New sounds from Winter Rose formerly Troy Hudson. This is as they describe Trap Soul alt RnB talking about that place no man ever wants to find themselves in… the Friendzone. She is sounding great and this is as polished piece of RnB as you are likely to find. Very strong indeed. The products delivered as Troy Hudson were always strong and there’s nothing here to suggest that the name change will diminish the quality.

Over the last year Incisive has been giving us tasters of his latest EP which dropped out of the blue two days ago.  As well as making for a good radio host audition (listen and you’ll know what I’m saying) there are 7 quality tracks here with this one being my favourite. I think it’s the keys on here that I like on this and that pulls me in, its a big head bopper and then the content is relatable to most I’m sure. Troy Hudson sounds great on here adding an extra layer of gloss to a quality tune.
The EP is free to stream and download get your hands on it now while you can.

Missed this one a couple of weeks back more goodness from Troy Hudson with another solid RnB production and sing along break up number. Some really nice harmonies throughout that add the gloss to a track with pretty sparse keys led production. Once again Troy demonstrates she has much to offer and I think there is more room for growth looking forward to hearing it.

“Contemplating” is the final video in Troy Hudson’s 5 video EP/Story “PYT” (Protect Your Throne). The song is something i’m sure many can relate to, that after break up phase where neither side is really sure if the right choices have been made and how to move forward. As the video suggests though perhaps its the ladies that get caught up in this thought process more then the men. The song itself isn’t the strongest on the EP however that doesn’t mean it is not another quality piece of work from the RnB singer who certainly with this EP and the visuals to accompany it has announced to the UK and further afield that she is an artist that you should be taking seriously and is one of the leaders of the scene.

Download the full EP here

As mentioned when I first posted Troy Hudson a couple of weeks ago this lady does RnB the right way and her latest video is a further testament to that. The fourth instalment in her PYT (Protect Your Throne) mini-series is the most explosive yet… literally! Great tune again with strong production (really nice piano breakdown towards the end) and vocals and the video does exactly what you would expect from a tune like this.

Very good job here’s hoping she will be making the breakthroughs this year that her talent is definitely worthy of!

Yes new Car Show and newness from Incisive. “Messy” features his label mate Troy Hudson (sounding lovely in the car!) and deals with relationship dramas most can relate to it (folded arms stance… I know it well). The beat is a head bopping hip hop soulful production from Rkay and is very much dope. Looking forward to getting my hands on this!!!