Joe Hertz brought some of my favourite artists together to create this beautiful number that was part of the soundtrack to my summer. Sam Wills‘ gorgeous vocals were perfect for this track and its hook. Whilst Barney Artist once again delivers another perfect example of the quality of flows he continues to put out there. And those horns are just pure bliss. Blue Lab Beats also feature adding their own soul jazz flavour to the beat. I love the element of collaboration. There isn’t enough of it and it is a major win win when you bring people together. Artits more of this in 2020 the quality and potential is there come together.

Listen here

Slick… this guy his voice, his sound is just slick, so cool and calm he hits his notes effortlessly. The production and songwriting throughout all of his releases this year have this cool summer breeze flow to it.

You can’t help but bop your head or nod from side to side, 2 step or sway. Its just vibsey music and I absolutely love it! There is an MJ esqness to his voice and sound but it is entirely his own. Not RnB, not soul, not pop just slick and cool. love love his music get into it.

I really love what this guy is bringing to the table. A ridiculous vocal, innovate production styles and just an all round ill vibe. Sam Wills is the next best cool act that you need to fall in love with. With every listen I find something new to like about this. I encourage you to listen to every second of this and get to know about this guy.

The first single from Tom Misch’s much anticipated forthcoming “Beat Tape 2″ dropped at the end of last week and it is a beauty. Teaming up with the gorgeous vocal of Sam Wills it’s not the usual Tom Misch beat and guitar monster (that does come at the end with a just sublime guitar solo). For me the song at the start is really built around the vocals and synths giving it a different feel. Can’t say I don’t like it though the track is a real beauty and should wet the appetite of Tom’s vast fan base. Bring on the Beat Tape 2!!!