Something bout this guy sound that forces me to post near enough everything that he drops. There’s a soulfulness in his production that i really enjoy and it’s RnB that sounds fresh and current without sounding trap which i especially like! This guy is going to be MASSIVE its only a mater of time before Rom is dropping tunes with the biggest names in the game!

Probably the freshest producer to come up on my radar this year Rom comes up with an awesome piece of work built around a soulful samba essence and samples which he then fills with his fresh forward thinking beats and synths9 that force you to get lost in the beat. This guy is gonna be massive!

Oi the vibes on this one absolute banger!!! slice of quality RnB Soul dopeness from producer Rom featuring Wade on vocals. The Vocal line is reminiscent of classic mid 90s RnB whilst the production is dope building and adapting throughout. Love the guitar that comes before going into the final section of the song with a smart drum roll and some quality chord changes. Rom grows on me with each listen a real quality producer.

Oh the vibes contained within this tune right HERE!!! That solid beat that just gets your head going so hard you’re gonna break your neck and then the way you switch into a screwface head wine when the synth drops in ARRRRRRGGGGGHHHH!!! The production on this one from ROM is fresh and incredible and its far too short for me. The 19 year old Brummie producer kills it with what is clearly a late 90s early noughties RnB inspired production style but he still is able to keep it relevant and fresh. Emmavie is a fine choice to feature on the vocal and completes the track perfectly.

Shout out to Soulection for featuring it on their white label series that you can download for free now.