This guy is the future. I have no doubt and this is further evidence to the brilliance that Mundu brings. This remix is special giving it his own feel groove and vocal awesomeness. Some really amazing vocal runs in there too both high and low that really are superb. Get to know this guy!

More RnB Alt vibes from up and coming talent Mundu. The feature from G.L.A.M is decent and really adds to the track making it even bigger. Mundu sounds solid but its his quality RnB production that once again stands out.

Catch him performing live at our Open Mic night this Wednesday at Stereo 92!

I like what this guy is bringing to the table. Decent, current RnB this is a banger! I love the English twang in his voice and some of his harmonies and effects on the vocals are the high points of the tune. I don’t think the content is quite as serious as the beat and vocal but it is joke and does the job. “Sorry Can’t Make It” is the second single from my forthcoming EP, Qollapse dropping June 2016. Looking forward to it dropping!