Here’s a great way to start your week. Harry Baker was invited back to the TedX stage last November and once again he owns it. Providing insight and inspiration as he speaks about his own life with a mixture of passion, authenticity and comedy. Definitely something for everyone here. Enjoy.

Catch Harry Baker Live at Bang Said The Gun this Thursday. Details on our gigs page here.

Some footage of one of the best in the game Harry Baker while he was stateside last year performing. If you’ve seen Harry before then you’ll know this worth watching just because this is such a brilliant piece. But the other reason is to watch and listen to the crowds reaction. They just lap it up! He has them in the palm of his hands throughout as he finishes to a very appropriate ROAR.

One of my favourite poets of last year was the brilliant Harry Baker the mathematician come rapper come poet has audiences in stiches at every performance. This is another of his classics merging all of his passions into one Piece simply brilliant.

Fresh from a quite brilliant set @ Remedy Raw last month here’s some more from Harry Baker with one of his signature pieces Dinosaur Love. Dude is incredible if you ever get to see him live make it happen and get down to that show he is well quite brilliant!