Awesome new video from Dornik taking one of the stand out tracks from one of the albums of the year (no understatement or bias). There’s a wicked energy throughout the video and loving the background colours and imagery. If you haven’t got into this album yet what you are waiting for??? Get on it here!!!

Amaru Don TV sits down with Dornik to delve a little deeper into his music, background and how he got into the game. Much like his music there not much not to like about the guy and its great hearing about the man behind the music. If you haven’t already get your ears around his debut album available here now.

Photo credit Svenja Block

More fresh electro soul with a tinge of 80s goodness about it from Dornik. I’ll let the synths and sweet harmonies do the talking for me. Headbopping soulful goodness this album can’t drop soon enough! Pre-order here

Does this guy ever disappoint though??? Dornik dropping another absolute banger for the 80′s babies (well i’m sure everyone is feeling it). So many gorgeous production touches throughout the track with the bass bouncing and sliding around driving the track providing the perfect compliment to Dornik falsetto vocal line and when that Drive harmony line comes in though???? Ridiculousness love this!

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New Dornik!!! I don’t think he’s dropped anything that i haven’t liked this year. This one is a little more chilled then some of his other tracks but has a head nodder vibe running throughout. The mellow keys set the tone with his trademark subtle vocal line fitting perfectly. Dope tune!

What a sight to wakeup to on my soundclound stream… new music from Dornik and it doesn’t disappoint! Just like his previous tracks that he dropped earlier in the year this is full of 80s, disco, soul RnB Vibes and what’s not to love about that??? Loving the groove of the tune and there are some glorious BV harmony moments on the track to boot. Pure quality! Hopefully with the new track dropping this means we are going to see a full Dornik album of all of this goodness. Watch this space.

Loved this tune when it dropped at the end of 2013 and i am still loving it now. Dornik captures the essence of 80′s Electro Soul vibes in this banger of a tune. The visuals are quality and illustrate the story told in the tune. Love it! Cannot wait for more from this guy!!!!
Rebound is released March 10th.