This is an album I’ve been waiting for years. Wasn’t sure if would ever come the way most of my fellow Brit peers have fallen off the dream and into everyday life (not a bad thing). However come it has and I’m far from disappointed. Stac has the most gorgeous sensual sassy soulful tones to have emerged from a UK soul singer in some time. Packed with bagfulls of character wit and a natural class that can’t be denied. The simple yet effective instrumental set up a delightful backdrop for her vocals . A mixture of Soul folk jazz reggae and more. Lyrical she’s onpoint as well with each track telling a story. It’s an album full of gems but my favourite would have to be the song below have a listen

Not gonna lie any girl that can sing to me those words “come on honey, I’ll love you to the moon drops to the sea” like she does… Woooooiiii…. wifey right there!!! Seriously though she sounds absolutely gorgeous on that hook, a song that was made for a Love Actually/Notting Hill brit flick.

Stac Head On Me by musicisremedy

With the likes of Alice Russell and Mark Ronson singing her praises as well as well respected blogs like Put Me On It and Soul Uk you know its something that at the very least is worth checking it out but for just £6 download version you’d have to go poundland for better value. Click the link below for more info but do go checkit out she has an immense quality

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