Luv’Rell has been unstoppable all year and May 10th 2015 proved that she is nowhere near finished as her first debut EP ‘Alpha Tauri’ was independently released. The title alone demonstrates Luv’Rell’s creative finesse; it derives from the fact that it’s her first EP (Alpha meaning the beginning), a star in the universe and also a play on her birth sign (Taurus – Tauri). Influenced by love, Luv’Rell’s vocals caress each track beautifully and provides infinite musical serenity with tracks such as ‘No Gravity.’ It’s clear that Luv’Rell accepted no limits when creating this masterpiece since variety is plentiful with up tempo tracks like ‘Luv You Right’ and ‘Hennessey.’ It is always refreshing to see home grown UK talent push and break boundaries especially when there are stipulations in the industry that “R&B in the UK is dead.” 12 hours after the release Alpha Tauri hit the top 20 R&B charts on iTunes and is currently now in the top 10. Alpha Tauri has gone down in history as one of the best EPs released this year in the ‘Music Is Remedy’s’ office. We are definitely excited to see what else the amazingly talented Luv’Rell has in store for the rest of 2015. R&B lovers and anyone who appreciates good, authentic music grab your copy now – you will not be disappointed.

Alpha Tauri is out now on iTunes here.

Favourite track: Hennessey

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