I’ve heard a lot about these guys over the last few weeks. Different singers have spoken about how amazing the rehearsals are, how great they sound and how we all need to get to know about the House Gospel Choir. This week they dropped the first video in three part documentary to show everyone what it’s all about. Led by Natalie Maddix (longtime Music is Remedy Friend) and ShezAr they are choir of fantastic voices who come together to sing! As suggested in their name House music is at the core of what they do as through their performances they strive to create a place where spirituality and the euphoria of the dancefloor come together. By all accounts they achieve it. With so many quality singers in their ranks including Music is Remedy friends Raff, Dionne Reid, Kersha Bailey and Leon Jacques to name a few this is bound to deliver a simply amazing experience as seen in the video.

Catch them performing as part of London Jazz Festival next week in shoreditch here

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