“One of Many” was without question one of my favourite album’s of 2013. Eric Lau along with a group of his favourite gifted musicians and vocalists produced a wonderful body of work that was what i would call Hip Hop Soul at it’s finest. Now the DJ and Producer in Eric has decided to release a pure instrumental limited edition golden vinyl version of the album. Now you may raise an eyebrow when faced with the notion of listening to tracks that owe much of its aural pleasure to the vocals of Tawiah, Fatima and particularly Rahel amongst others. However as a testament to the brilliance of the mans music it works and “Here” is a perfect example of that. With the vocals gone you get to focus on the way the track explodes into the groove at the top and all of the subtle flute rifts that float in and out of the track and don’t get me started on that bass! I am sure many will use the instrumentals to cut samples and create their own goodness from it however the musical connoisseur that i am i will enjoy it in all its glory.

The Limited edition vinyl is available here. Get em before they’re gone.

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