This Sunday Wilson drops his second EP “Tone of Art”. Its been two years since his first release “Painted in Silence” a wonderful piece of work that finally gave people who had heard and enjoyed Wilson’s soft and tender tones on the live circuit something to take home. It left people wanting more and so the second EP is eagerly anticipated by fans old and new and judging from the preview tracks it will not disappoint.
As expected its a soulful affair dominated by Wilson’s trademark sensual vocal sound that could make ice in the antarctic melt. The production is built more around live instrumentation rather than being heavily produced giving the tracks a very natural organic feel which is nice. But most importantly there is evidence of growth in not only his songwriting but vocal technique as well which is no mean feat. The songs sound and feel stronger and more powerful which is a testament to his development.
The stage is set for him to continue onto greater successes, producing more brilliant works of art and taking his place as one of the UK’s best soul singers, it’s all in his hands.

Tone of Art launches this Sunday tickets for the live event are still available here.

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