Over all the years we’ve been running events and listening to new artists few caught me as much Cherri Prince. Effortless style and class in her vocal every time she gets behind the microphone. Her mesh of Hip Hop Soul Jazz always helped her create her own niche and to help her stand out. As well as delivering on the stage and in the booth her visuals have always been on point too. She hasn’t had all the success that i feel she deserves which is why it was so good seeing her close the show on my television on Saturday night on the voice earning the final spot on Will.I.Am’s team.
He is the perfect judge for her and i’m sure he’ll be able to coax even more quality out of her and also give her some sound advice and guidance in moving forward in her career. Regardless of how far she goes in the competition i’m confident that’ll her talent will shine. All the best Cherri you deserve every success will be rooting for ya!

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