If you didn’t know this is a massive week for the UK music industry and one of the reason’s is that one of the UK’s finest launch his first single Emotions from his highly anticipated 4th album that drops next month!!! Ty is the mic master we are chatting about and to help aid the promotional onslaught for Emotions he has dropped a new mixtape for y’all.



If you don’t know anything about TY and need a reason to invest in the first single or the album this is perfect for you. You can hear the range of styles that the man drops his flow over and the lyrical genius and jokes that he delivers every time he takes the mic. For those that do know about the man that this is the perfect chance to reminisce over some of his classic tunes (as i write this i’m bubbling to “Wait A minute” man forgot how ILL this tune is!!!) and some you may not even know!

Either way make sure you download Emotions NOW and look out for the album coming real soon. Download and enjoy!


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