Was bowling down Bromley High Street this week. It was a sunny afternoon with blue skies a cool breeze and plenty of people with smiling faces. As i strolled along a song came blaring out of the speakers of a radio on a fruit and Veg stall. The song seemed to sum up the mood in the air… spring is here and everyone is feeling good. I felt even better when i realised it was our own very own Rox’s debut single My Baby Left Me!

She is proving to be a great ambassador for the UK Soul scene and her success is only good for the scene in general as it shows that with hard work, the right package and quality you can make it in this country! Such a great tune from an artist who everyday is looking more and more like the star she is destined to become. The single is out this week so click on the link and download a great tune, can’t wait for the album!!!


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