So at the moment everyone is raving a bout the new track Vula and Ben Jones aka DivaGeek! Its the first track we’ve heard from the guys since the first Ep dropped in 09. As soon as i saw the tweets i got overly excited and was gutted that i couldn’t get to a computer to check it out. If you haven’t heard it yet have a listen.

Sunday by

What do you think? For me… i think it’s dope but i think i was expecting more so i was ever so slightly disappointed. The production is tight and the vocals as always are flawless but i feel the song doesn’t quite match the high standards they have set on the first EP. This is a clip from the a track taken from the Ep called “If You Want It” check it….

MY DAAAAAAYS! Its just the tail end of the song, but it bumps so HARD!!! The band are just onit (Jodie is such a mean bassist) and with Sharlene Hector and La Donna on vocals they take it to the next level!!! For me i don’t think Sunday is quite to this level, i just don’t get as excited about it as i do this clip. That being said it’s heads and shoulders above all of the other UK stuff i’m hearing at the moment and i can’t wait to hear the tunes that will be coming from these guys. I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again these guys set the standard on every single level that an artist should be aiming for from recordings to the stage. Look out for more updates and if you find out she’s performing live… you NEED to REACH!

LOVE TO Pinboard for the hook up!!!

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