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  1. Thanks for posting this :)

    Yes folks – Lenny & TV co. approached UKSoulJam show about performing – it’s for a TV Documentary about Lenny’s love of SOUL music – so it’s completely on point & the icing on the cake is OMAR is involved! :D
    (..& Omar WILL be in the house on the night! … )
    You are right about Lenny being a pioneer in the UK & his place as one of the UK’s most successful & long lasting Black TV celebs he has worked hard to achieve and maintain.
    1 of KTF & UKSoulJam’s mission is to take good UKSOUL to as many people as possible – so it’s great to see him open some doors for UKSOUL with this show :D

    The TV hype, regarding music content – we have UKSOUL, Street Soul & Lovers Rock Pioneer NOEL MKCOY of the Mckoy’s also live + 2 UKGospel choirs & our new talent this month : MARIA BENTLEY – one to watch for sure!
    + some surprise guests on the night… :D

    Thanks & continued longterm love for the REMEDY family!!
    Congrats on the Jesse Boykins gig B*I*G!!! :D :D

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