Last week everyone was raving about the 2 sell-out nights at Jazz Cafe where Jay Electronica brought REAL hip hop to the UK masses. Obviously as much as I can appreciate it its nothing we’re gonna chat about on this site, or so i thought. I found out that during his set he brought a UK MC up from the crowd and onto the mic. Mangaliso Asi, an act known on the unsigned circuit but probably not to the bulk of the peeps in attendance, proceeded to take the platform provided and Rock the Mic… RIGHT!

Not a bad job at all, love it when Jay goes at the end “I wasn’t actually expecting him to be good!” lol. He told the crowd to give it up for their own, something that we see too little of sometimes and partially the reason why our homegrown scene is in the position its in. Props to Jay for recognising UK ability and even more props to Mangaliso for doing himself and the UK justice.

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