10 days into 2014 and Dionne Reid has already blessed the universe with her fascinating talent by releasing #ReidMix Vol 1. Anyone who remembers rushing home to make sure they don’t miss their favourite TV programme will definitely have some memories jogged whilst listening to this EP. It may remind you of simpler times when your mum would always interrupt you at the best part of the show to do your chores. Dionne takes us back in time with TV shows such as ‘Power Rangers’ and also keeps it current with the likes of ‘Family Guy.’ ReidMix Vol 1 is filled with fun energy, laughter and creative talent. Dionne immerses nothing but genius ideas throughout the entire EP and even includes a surprise twist on the track entitled, ‘Arthur.’  ReidMix Vol 1 is a thoroughly enjoyable EP that will warm your spirit with nothing but positive messages. The industry is very focused on certain aspects of music but Dionne is breaking down all barriers and maintaining her courageous morals to make music genuinely from the heart. Dionne also demonstrates that music doesn’t always have to be so constrained by boundaries as “Music is allowed to be fun.”  Her beautifully warm vocals carry this EP to flawless creativity. I cannot wait to see what else Dionne has in store for the rest of the world this year!
Download the free EP here.

Favourite track: Arthur

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